Sunday, September 18, 2022

The Queen's Garden

Queen Elizabeth II was in residence when Jonathan and I visited Windsor Castle this summer. We knew this because the Royal Standard, the Queen's flag, was flying. Of course, we didn't see her, although we peered over the fence surrounding the state apartments, hoping she would make an appearance. Knowing that she was nearby, however, gave me a warm feeling. As an expatriate, I clearly remember her father's death and funeral when I was 11. A few weeks before the new Queen's coronation, our teacher called each student to his desk and gave us a commemorative book and coin. That was my last year in primary school. When it was my turn to receive the gift, the teacher gave me the news that I had passed the examination (does anyone remember the 11+ exam?) to attend grammar school--at that time, a grammar school was the top high-school level in England. This gratifying news is always linked in my memory with the Queen's coronation. We watched it on television before attending a fun street party.


Windsor Castle Visit, July 2022

State Entrance to the State Apartments, Windsor

Jon and I left Windsor for Westminster Abbey, where the Queen's state funeral service will take place tomorrow. She will be laid to rest at St. George's Chapel, Windsor, where her husband, Prince Phillip, is buried.


Westminster Abbey (left) and St. George's Chapel, Windsor (right)

I discovered the Queen's Garden at the Tower of London. I can't think of a more proper homage to her 70-year reign than this tribute to her Platinum Jubilee. The garden represents the Queen's coronation dress with its exquisite embroidery of flowers. If you read the sign below, you will be fascinated by the story. 

The Queen's Coronation Dress

Colored glass flowers representing the dress's emblems rise above the garden at the Tower of London

I thought the garden was like a pretty wildflower meadow

Before we left the Tower, we visited the gift shop. Jon bought me The Wicked Wit of Queen Elizabeth II by Karen Dolby. I purchased for myself Buckingham Palace: A Royal Garden by Claire Masset.


The Wicked Wit has snippets like, 


'Rumours that the Queen keeps a Billy Bass singing fish on top of a grand piano are unconfirmed.' 


With all the talk in the news about her sense of humor, it wouldn't surprise me if it's true. 


The A Royal Garden book is lovely. It is gratifying to see that many of my favorite plants are featured. Here are some of the photographs:


The Garden Through the Seasons

I would love to visit this garden behind the walls of Buckingham Palace. Maybe King Charles will invite me to a garden party. But it wouldn't be the same without the Queen. 

This posting is my homage to a wonderful monarch. Thank you, Queen Elizabeth, for your years of service and dedication. Rest in Peace.

Pamela x


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  1. Your post is a fitting tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Wasn't her coronation dress stunning.

  2. Beautiful, Pam. I enjoyed reading about her dress. I've been privileged to visit the UK several times, and every time, it's the gardens that thrill me the most! Today, I loved seeing how nicely the staff at Windsor arranged all of the floral tributes in a colorful carpet. (I also really loved the music!)

  3. The queen was a stable presence in all our lives, even if we are not British. She always seemed a remarkable and yet down-to-earth person. I admired that about her.

  4. How wonderful for you to have your own happy memories of her. (I'm reading Paddington Bear, inspired by her tea with PB)