Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, June 15, 2016

 When H.H. realized today is the 15th of the month he asked, "Isn't this the day you show your bloomers?" He remembered correctly that it's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day when bloggers all over the world join our lovely host, Carol, at May Dreams Gardens to show what is blooming in their gardens.  I grabbed my (broken) camera and headed outside on this perfect June day. Carol begins her Bloom Day post with a very unusual clematis. I've started with a more ordinary type, I forget the name, the first of my many clematis to have flowers this season. Take a walk with me and I'll show you more of my bloomers especially the roses that take center stage in my June garden ...

Pink Doube Knockout rose next to David Austin 'Lichfield Angel'

There is a peach miniature rose and a white one between the pink and the red peonies

The rose that the David Austin representative promised me at the Garden Writers' Association conference last year, arrived in early spring. I planted it in part shade as he suggested and it seems very happy in its new home in the Horseshoe Garden. It's first bloom made its appearance to a round of applause. It is a beauty with a very pretty scent.

David Austin rose 'Olivia'

The red double Knockout is 'blooming away' in Strawberry Fields.

A view of the cottage garden shows the peonies are still holding their own, the yarrow has its golden flowers and the allium has taken on its interesting 'big ball of seeds' appearance.

The shrub behind the yarrow is spirea, soon to bloom

The soft, silver foliage of Lamb's Ears has appeared in yet another part of the garden. I let the 'straggly looking' flowers open because the bees love them, then I cut the plant down to make a velvety ground cover. Lamb's Ear remains a favorite of my grandsons.

Lamb's Ears, Stachys byzantina

Sweet William was one of my Mother's favorite flowers so I am fond of this colorful plant. It is short lived and biannual, so I'm never sure what I will get. It is particularly lovely this year, appropriately blooming the week my Mom would have turned 97 years. Happy-birthday thoughts of my Mother on the 17th of June.

Sweet William Dianthus barbatus

In the shade garden a surprise -- the climbing hydrangea has a couple of blooms for the first time. I planted it some ten years ago and had given up hope as it doesn't get much needed sunlight to flower.

Climbing hydrangea Hydrangea anomala petiolaris

The window boxes along the tractor shed are blooming prettily with two types of petunia, purple fountain grass and trailing, white bacopa. The clock is new -- a Christmas gift from my daughter and son-in-law. She sent to England for this replica of one on Paddington Station. It usefully shows the time on both sides. The road sign was a gift from H.H.'s stepmother. Both very appropriate for an 'English' cottage garden don't you think?

When you look at the clock you can see it is still quite early. As the sun rises it gives the plumes of the Goat's Beard plant a golden glow.

Goatsbeard Arucus dioicus

The kitchen garden is at a bit of a standstill with several rather cold nights, but with warmer weather and more sunshine forecast, I expect everything will soon catch up. The garden is very dry and I have been hand watering every morning. The water in each rain barrel is getting low.

Lots of lettuce, spinach and Swiss charge in the herb garden on the patio.

Last GBBD I took a picture from the den window. I decided to do this each month to note the changes. I'll call it 'Monthly View' and put the previous month's picture in the side bar to make a comparison easy. June's picture shows the patio is all set up ready for summer entertaining. We've already given a couple of our 'breakfast in the garden' events. I planted canna lilies in the big patio pots on the suggestion of my friend Katharine. They should grow tall and maybe offer some privacy. You can see the grass beside the pond is filling out. And of course the roses are in bloom.

 Now it is time to feed the animals. Dude and Billy are so patient.

Dude and Billy patiently wait for their breakfast.

I hope you've enjoyed this stroll around my garden. Do go over to May Dreams Gardens and check out what's blooming around the world.

Happy Garden Bloggers Bloom Day!
Pamela x

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  1. hi - my lamb's ears move around a lot, too. i've lived here nine years and one plant has made its way to three spots in the yard. is it the birds or the chipmunks or both, do you think? --suz in northeast ohio (right on the zone 6a/b line; sometimes 5 on a good day)

  2. I truly have enjoyed your garden, and would linger longer but my two cavaliers are begging for their dinner!

  3. I miss having a choice of roses - but I'm learning to appreciate the persistence and fragrance of Iceberg.
    And lamb's ears thrives here.

  4. The roses are beautiful and Dude and Billy are adorable!

  5. You have a beautiful garden.
    Here the Sweet Williams have skipped over the fence and started self seeding in the field among weeds. I had no idea they were so tough. I have a new variety this year which is very short.

  6. What a beautiful garden! Happy to find your blog. Especially like the Sweet William's photo. Happy GBBD!

  7. Simply beautiful. Hope to get my bloom day post up tomorrow. Happy Bloom Day.~~Dee

  8. Oh yes i enjoyed looking at your garden, especially its total view. And the presence of the 2 kids are so enjoyable too.

  9. Oh Pam, what a wonderful tour! My Sweet Williams are blooming also, a gift from my mother...and how nice your mother's birthday was June 17, our son's birthday, too. I love the roses and your clock is wonderful, I've always wanted a clock in the garden.

  10. Gorgeous as always Pam. I enjoyed the stroll in your garden and seeing your "bloomers"! My favorites are the beautiful roses and clematis. Happy Bloom Day!

  11. Sad I missed your garden this trip, Pam. It really is beautiful this month.

  12. Love to see the flowers and vegs, all looks so fresh

  13. First I have to say that I love that station clock Pam but your garden looks so lovely too, I love plants like Lamb's ears and Sweet Williams. Olivia is a wonderful rose too which I should like to add in my garden, but where......the garden is fully booked, I think I have to dig away a piece of the lawn.
    Have a nice week!

  14. I'm a rebel, I never officially participate in GBB Day, but mostly because I feel like every post I do is basically a bloom day of it's very own. You really were up so early! I'm still sawing logs at that time, says the night owl.

  15. I giggled when I read you were asked if you were going to show your bloomers, I am not sure what that expression means in American, but over here it does not mean flowers!
    I am hooked on David Austin roses and Olivia sure is a beauty! And I love your street sign and clock, very nice! Thanks for the stroll in your garden, as always it was a great pleasure.
    Have a good week-end.

  16. I enjoyed my stroll...thank you x

  17. Love country english gardens, well done!