Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Easy Zeezee Plant - for GBBD

 Zeezee (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)
 It is time for February's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and I had plans to search the winter garden for grasses and other plants with winter interest. I took one  photograph ,,,

Miscanthus Mysterious Maiden
... before my (over) protective husband 'suggested' it was far too icy, cold, and downright dangerous to be outside. I knew he was right (darn it) as there is still a thick layer of ice on top of a foot of snow covering much of the garden, so I  reluctantly came inside. I took some pictures of my Zeezee plant instead. Now I am not very good at growing houseplants, but I must tell you that this is about the easiest of all.

I love the zeezee plant's waxy green leaves. The glossy green leaflets are arranged along upright stems, giving the plant a tropical look (not surprising since it originated in Africa.) The zeezee grows 2 - 3 feet tall and wide.

This plant grows best in moderate, indirect light, but does not seem to mind a darker spot ...  mine is situated in rather low light. The zeezee has rhizomatous roots that store water, so I do not water it very often as it likes to dry out between waterings. I don't let the pot sit in water or the plant could rot. The growth rate of the plant depends on how much light and water it gets. I have never fertilized my zeezee in the three-or-more years I have owned it, but a liquid fertilizer once a year would probably be beneficial.

 Another great feature of the zeezee is that it is not prone to pests!

This is a great passalong plant because it is super easy to propogate. Just cut off a leaf and stick it in a pot of potting soil and perlite. Mist the soil and put the pot in a sealed plastic bag. Place it in indirect light and remove from the plastic bag when the roots form.

There have never been flowers on my zeezee, therefore as this is Bloom Day I thought I should also feature two of my blooming houseplants ...

 Begonia Dragon Wing Red
The dragon wing begonia is is a cross between the angel wing and wax varieties and combines the best qualities of both. I brought this one indoors to overwinter and these pictures were taken when I first brought it inside. It is going dormant now, but in early summer  I will place it in a hanging basket on the porch.

I have only one flower on my African violet  ...

African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha)
The African violet is a very satisfying plant I think, but neither the begonia or the African violet are as easy as my zeezee. The zeezee is notable for it's resilience, and tolerates conditions that other plants will not. This makes the zeezee great for new gardeners, or gardeners like me who tend to neglect their houseplants.

Now I am heading over to May Dreams Gardens to thank Carol for hosting this wonderful meme. I can't wait to see what is blooming in other parts of the world. Hopefully, by the 15th of next month the snow and ice will be thawed from my garden and I'll find some signs of spring to share with you.

I hope you all had a LOVEly Valentine's Day, yesterday!
Pamela x

Houseplants in the Garden Room

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  1. The only houseplants I have are two orchids and an aloe plant which my daughter wanted. The zeezee plant sounds like my kind of thing though, something which is easy to look after.

  2. Your houseplants are looking good. I never heard of a zeezee.It really is a pretty plant and easy care as you describe. The shiny leaves are really nice on it, yet I bet a dusting nightmare if it is like rubber plant or jade at all.And the grasses in winter are always a favorite. Happy GBBD.

  3. Those zeezees always look perfectly healthy - don't know why I never got one. That begonia is one I just love to use outside in pots. It's blooming beautifully for you now!

  4. The ZeeZee is a very interesting plant. Such beautiful green foliage.

  5. Belated happy Valentine's Day to you. I have never seen a ZeeZee before! Your flowering houseplants are also very pretty.

  6. It's melting here so it's on its way to you. Happy GBBD, Carolyn

  7. Love the photo of all the houseplants together.

  8. Pam, I hope you are feeling well these days. I love your winter garden scene and your zeezee plant offers a much longed for green! Happy Valentine's Day . . . a day late. Hope your day was lovely.

  9. A zeezee...so easy! I must look for one of these. It is a very pretty green, and unfortunately my green thumb turns black the minute I walk indoors. :) Thanks for sharing!

  10. I've never heard of the Zeezee, but now I will have to find one if it is so easy to grow! I dote on my plants outdoors, but my poor inside plants are neglected. Glad you listened to your adoring husband and didn't take a chance of falling on the ice. Brrr! Stay inside and drink hot chocolate!

  11. Always on the lookout for houseplants that don't attract pests, need little care and not too much light, the zeezee sounds perfect. I'm not familiar with it, so thanks for the introduction. I swear by my equally easy-care monsteras. But nothing is like outdoor plants, and I hope spring comes soon to you, Pam.

  12. It makes me feel good to find another gardener who is also not so great at growing house plants. It really surprises visitors to find that I have so few plants inside. Spring is coming ... we will just have to pace ourselves until it arrives.


  13. Gorgeous begonia! The zeezee plant sounds like an excellent one.

  14. Zeezee... not familiar with this, but it's lovely. And the begonias's and violet are so sweet. Best to stay indoors, especially when you have such lovely blooms to show off, Pam. Spring will come soon enough.

  15. very nice blooms! and your zeezee looks amazing too

  16. Hmmm, with all the houseplants I have around here, I don't have one of these! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

  17. Pam, thank you for telling about zeezee plant! I like EASY plants! And what a name! I thought a snake plant was the easiest. I wouldn't mind to have them both. I love your snow picture. We are having snowfall right now. I doubt kids will go to school tomorrow. Ironically, the NW Flower and Garden show is on, but I guess we'll wait till Friday to drive to Seattle. Stay warm, and again, thanks for introducing me to Ms.Zeezee!

  18. Pam, you had done a good job on the ZZ, begonia and violets. I love your houseplants corner.