Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'A Room With a View' for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

 The last few days have been very hot and steamy. I worked in the garden in short bursts, escaping often to the air conditioning to cool down. It is more comfortable enjoying my garden looking through the windows than outside in the humid heat. Every window has its own special view.

 From the den window I look down on the vegetable garden.The clematis climbing the picket fence is almost in full bloom. The corn in the lower field is growing taller.

I think the clematis is called 'Tie Dye' Its petals are like velvet to touch.

 The west-facing window in the den is filled with the snowy, white blossoms of the catalpa tree.

 The catalpa tree dominates the shade garden which I can see through the French window in the garden room (this is my favorite view, because I can enjoy it from my really comfortable chair.) Fallen catalpa blossoms are scattered over the lawn. The hostas are in bud. The impatiens in the hanging baskets are beginning to fill out.

I love to watch the birds on the feeder. Can you see the cardinal?

Here is a closer look ...

The bees love the flowers on the lamium.

The north window in the garden room looks out toward the cottage garden.

The cottage garden is also the vista from the kitchen window.

The roses and clematis near the fountain demonstrate all of June's promises.
The afternoon primroses are luring the pollinators.

Salvia is also a bee magnet.

The mass of white you see to the left of the fountain is a miniature rose.

Roses Rule in June. 
This is rosa Peach Fuzz, looking more yellow than peach today.

All the roses seen here are miniatures. 

My favorite is this sweetie with no name, sent to me for my birthday two years ago, from my son.

Moving into the dining room. The east windows look out on the Stone Garden. This peaceful retreat is shaded by lilacs. It is a place to meditate.

The Stone Garden is a planter garden. Many of the planters are filled with annuals such as impatiens and begonias.  I couldn't resist this pretty begonia.
Roses rule on June Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Unfortunately, I can't see this one too well from the house. It is a Double Knockout along the vegetable garden picket fence.

Another view that cannot been seen from the house is of the giant foxgloves blooming in the Woodland Walk.

Finally, the view south, from our bedroom window. There are no blooms, just young Christmas trees in the field across the road. This field is owned by my sister-in-law ... We are happy there are no houses built there.

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day is sponsored by Carol at May Dreams Gardens. Do visit her to see fabulous June blooms from bloggers all around the world, and join the fun!

Happy June Gardening!

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  1. What beautiful views you have from each of your rooms. We are overlooked by other houses, but we had open views from my childhood house. My mum and dad still live in the same house and unfortunately the developers have been in and there are now views of office blocks, a sign of the times I'm afraid. I love the little cardinal on your feeder, you have such colourful birds, and the bicycle planter which is attached to your picket fence is wonderful.

  2. It's hard to imagine the heat you are feeling when I am sitting here shivering Pam! All of those little miniature roses are just delightful and I do like the 'tie dye' clematis - I don't think I've seen one like that before!

  3. Hiya Pam.
    What an original way to present bloomday: viewed through the window with a glass of something cold no doubt. Make mine an iced coffee :-)
    And we may not have white picket fences, red cardinals or a catalpa tree, but the overal feel is still very English and not unlike our own.
    Lovely visit, thank you.

  4. So much to see from the comfort of the house; obviously you spend much time out in the heat to keep it so pretty. Summer is here, definitely.

  5. I love your post! It is neat to see how other people see their gardens. I look out at my main front garden every day while I work. It is the best part of my job!

  6. Pam, Your garden is so neat and pretty! I love your roses and especially your blue clematis. Happy Bloom Day! :)

  7. I agree that seeing the garden from inside is a wonderful way to make the heart sing. We don't need drapes so we don't have any, and even from the bathroom I can see the flowers while brushing my teeth. What could be better?

    Happy bloom day!

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  9. Pam your gardens are just beautiful. I really enjoyed all of the different views you took pictures of. How nice to look out and see beauty from any window. I wish we had Cardinals that visited here, they are such a pretty bird.

  10. How lovely to see all the different garden views you have. You can really enjoy all the results of your work. Each and every vista is different and lovely.

    Thanks for the 'tour' around your lovely garden.

  11. You are lucky to have such pretty views from your windows. Much of my garden cannot even be seen from the windows, as it hugs the house. Now you have me thinking that I need to create some views.

  12. Beautiful blooms in a beautiful setting.

  13. Indeed a lovely room with a view!

  14. I just thought this morning that it's my best time of the day(usually early morning) when I can sit alone and watch my garden through the window. Your garden views are pretty! Love your garden shed and teapot planter!

  15. Pam I had a lovely time 'looking round your garden' today - the roses are gorgeous but especially like the way you have laid out your garden. The kind of place a person would want to tarry

    Laura x

  16. Thank you, dear gardening friends, for your wonderful comments.

    Jo - Lovely to see you, as always. When the leaves come onto our trees in the spring we cannot see other houses. In winter we can see new developments all around us. Oh dear, we hate change.

    Heidi - I find mini roses the easiest roses to grow. Keep warm! Just remember, I'll be shivering when you are in the throes of summer.

    Joco - What a great comment It is impossible to replicate England here, so I just aim for the "feel" of it. You make me believe I have achieved my goal. Thanks.

    NellJean - Only a real gardener would recognize how much time I spend to achieve this garden. Thank you.

    Katie - How kind you are! The photographs on YOUR GBBD post are charming.

    Ruth - Thank you for your kind words. The clematis is waiting for an arbor to climb (when we can afford it). In the meantime it has to be satisfied with the fence.

    Town Mouse - We don't have many drapes either. We are blessed with our views, aren't we?

    Rain Gardener - You are so very kind!I love the cardinals. In the winter they are a bright spot on the cold landscape.

    Diane - Thank you for touring with me! Yes, gardening can be very satisfying, don't you think?

    Robin - if you are thinking of creating a view, I recommend the book, "Outside the Not So Big House" by Julie Moir Messervy...it has great ideas.

    Valerie - Welcome! and thank you for your beautiful comment.

    Joey - Welcome, Joey, and thanks. I will visit you soon.

    Tatyana - I so agree about the quiet morning time to sit and enjoy! Once I am properly awake, I am ready for a stroll outside.

    Laura - Such beautiful comments. Thank you. Now if I could only create collages like yours ...

  17. I love catulpas! They are a native to Wisconsin, but look the best when grown in landscaped areas where they can reach their full potential. I want to get rid of the two crappy city trees in front of my house and replace them with these beauties. Their flowers remind me of orchids, and they smell nice. The beans that follow are even pretty.

  18. Hello Pam,

    I love cottage gardens and the picture of your vine growing on a white picket fence is just my idea of a perfect garden :-)

  19. It's wonderful that you can see your gardens from all through your house. Nice to be in that air conditioning and still be able to see the fruits of your labors. Your flowers and gardens are so nice. I absolutely love the tie dye climatis. I have never seen that one before. I will need to keep an eye out for it. Your miniature roses are so nice and unless you told me, from the photos they look as large as all roses. Thanks for the room with a view, I really enjoyed seeing through your eyes.
    ps. I haven't forgotten your challenge, I have just been overwhelmed planning and throwing a baby shower last weekend and a graduation party this weekend. AFter saturday I will have time to do things I want to get to.I will breathe and enjoy the rest of the summer with no parties to throw. Keeping my fingers crossed for a sunny saturday since my party is outside.

  20. What lovely gardens you have! All your blooms are beautiful, but the stone garden really draws me in today--it looks so peaceful and the perfect place to rest and meditate for awhile. How nice to be able to sit in the cool indoors and enjoy the views, especially during this hot summer.

  21. Sylvana - i love catalpas, too, although they are VERY messy when they drop blossoms, beans, and leaves. I forgive all this when the tree is in bloom ... it is gorgeous! Thanks for visiting.

    Noelle - Thank you for your lovely comment! I would like to add an arbor for the clematis to climb.

    Teresa - I'm not 100% sure that particular clematis IS called Tie Dye - but it's gorgeous, isn't it? About the challenge ... you have had much more important things to do lately!

    Rose - Lovely to see you hear and read your kind comment. The stone garden is a favorite spot of mine, too.

    Wonderful comments, everyone. Thank you.

  22. you have some gorgeous views, Pam! Very relaxing and soothing. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have some cool down. But if not, take a dip.

  23. When I was studying garden design, the teacher stressed designing from the inside out, so many people forget about the view from inside, yours are great.

  24. Oh, Pam, what awesome views you have from your windows! What a fun post! You have lots of lovely blooms, and the corn and Christmas trees are peaceful looking.

    Hey, I like your new template! I have it, too, in a different color and layout. I am thinking about trying a similar layout to yours. I tried making it 3 columns with one on each side of the body but there wasn't enough room for my extra large photos. Maybe it would work to do it your way.

  25. First let me say thanks Pam for visiting my blog.

    A beautifull view ? Definitely it is :) Well done.

    Let's compare summers though. Here in Ajman UAE it was 45 degrees Celsius = 113 degrees Fahrenheit on average . My point is that a hot summer is relative :)

    All the best & thanks again.


  26. It seems thave every room at your house is a "room with a view". ha. Your roses are putting on quite a show. Such beautiful blooms. The rest of your garden is wonderful. Such a wonderful English look to it.

  27. Pam. I saw this post on garden web and thought of you. They are in zone 5 and grow some beautiful english roses.


  28. Rosey - It's still hot here, but not so humid. I can take this.

    Deborah - I'm thrilled to know I am doing it right. Thanks.

    Sue - Glad you like my template. Yours looks great!

    Ibrahim - Point taken!!

    Rosarian - I value your opinion! Thanks for the link.