Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Difficult Decision: Monthly Garden Bouquet

 I took a little break from blogging and upon my return I realized I had missed the 'Monthly Garden Bouquet' (MGB) meme hosted by Noelle at Ramblings From a Desert Garden. I enjoy participating in MGB, the third week of each month, because it forces me to look at my garden in a different way. I decided 'better late than never' and I took a walk outside in search of a suitable theme. This was much more difficult than I expected because June offers such a wonderful array of blooms. Which flowers should I choose?

The colors of the coreopsis and daylily (in the photograph above) are very striking: red petals with yellow centers for the daylilies, and the red and yellow reversed on the coreopsis. They would make a lovely bouquet. Maybe I could add some other yellow flowers ...

 I don't know the name of this daylily

And look at my beautiful, yellow cactus flower.

But it is too prickly to pick.

Of course, being June there are several roses I could choose for a different type of bouquet:

'Marie Sterns'

 'Improved Blaze' climber

And my new climbing rose, 'Iceberg'

The Blushing Knock Out, Rosa 'Radyod'

Oh, dear, this is a very difficult task. I notice perennial geraniums and yarrow in the cottage garden border. Maybe ...

Geranium 'Rozanne' (Cranesbill) and Achillia 'The Pearl'

... but nearby, the pink beebalm and the purple coneflower are even more striking.

Echinacea purpurea tower above Monarda

The 'Jackmanii' clematis is very prolific this year.

The vine reaches as high as the flagpole. The flag gives me an idea! How about a patriotic theme as it is so near the Fourth of July? I look around for some red, white and blue flowers. The red beebalm blossoms look like fireworks exploding.

Monarda 'Marshall's Delight'

I can use the white yarrow, 'The Pearl', always a good fill for bouquets.

And for a touch of blue ... this delphinium is a volunteer in my vegetable garden. Perfect!

Delphinium grandiflorum 'Blue Beauty'

What do you think?

Happy June MGB; happy Fourth of July

It's not too late to pop over to Noelle's blog to see bouquets from around the world! I'm just going over there now to check them out for myself.  
Pam x

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  1. You have one of the nicest gardens to look at and it just goes on and on! Love everything especially you patriotic bouquet. Have a great weekend! Meg

  2. Hi Pam,
    I love all your blooms, and the bouquet is beautiful! I have some Jacob Kline monarda. I may try making a bouquet, now that my dining room table isn't full of stuff. I have enough vases, that's for sure!

    I need to take a break from blogging so I can get some rooms cleaned out, but I'm thinking if I can just post fewer photos at a time, then I can get more done.

  3. Goodness, your Monarda is very healthy looking. Mine aren't even remotely close to blooming. I love 'The Pearl' as well but had to get rid of it as became rather cheeky. Wonderful for bouquets though.

    Christine in Alaska

  4. I think you chose the perfect bouquet, and so patriotic too, but you did have a great choice with all those beautiful blooms.

  5. This speaks of the Fourth of July from the red, white, and blue color scheme to the monarda exploding like fireworks throughout the bouquet. What a fun arrangement!

  6. I love your patriotic bouquet!

    BTW when I click on the comment you left on my blog, I get redirected to your new address. You might want to sort that?

  7. Helllo Pam - I think you chose well with that Patriotic bouquet and the red bee balsam is a showstopper. Mind you, your garden always looks so blooming marvellous.

    Happy Independence Day!!

    Laura x

  8. Great post! Your Blushing Knockout and climbing Iceberg are so pretty. I grow these and they are stellar performers in my garden. I can see they are for you as well. In my hot climate, the blushing knockout fades to white very quickly. Have you had the same experience?

  9. That Monarda is fantastic! How wonderful to get a volunteer Delph. Love your patriotic bouquet. This is a good idea for a meme, I will have to participate sometime. Thanks for letting us know about it. Happy gardening, Pam!

  10. Hello Pam, I enjoyed the tour around your garden with you as you selected your flowers :) I am a huge fan of delphinium and I think this is a great 'Red, White and Blue' bouquet!

  11. You took a break from blogging & I missed your posts :)

    Lovely flower pictures. Loved that cactus flower.


  12. Love the bee balm bed...lots of flowers.
    The 'Iceberg' rose is stunning.

  13. Absolutely perfect Pam! I'm not very good about bringing my flowers in for bouquets. I can't bear to cut down my flowers, isn't that weird?

  14. I've been away too. This is a wonderful post. Everything look amazing. And I love your red, white and blue bouquet!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend - Happy Independance Day!

  15. Hello Pam,

    Oh, I just love your patriotic bouquet. I can see how it hard it was to pick out what flowers to have so many beautiful ones.

    Thank you so much for participating :-)


  16. Thanks everyone for your kind remarks. Sorry I am not leaving individual comments here, but I am visiting each of your blogs ... it's just taking me a while. In the meantime, have a great July. Pam x

  17. I think last year I used monarda in a similar bouquet - they look like firecracker blasts!
    Amazing flowers in your garden - so beautiful!
    Hope you stop by I have two giveaways this month.

  18. Hi Pam,
    I was pretty sure I'd seen this post and commented, but I wanted to say hi and thanks for the comment on my last post, and I enjoyed seeing your blooms again. Your flowers looked awesome the end of June, so it's too bad you aren't having enough rain to keep them happy.

    We sure are having more than usual. We'd had certain days we were requested and requested not to water the last few years. I forgot how many inches I saw that we are above normal rainfall for the year. I'm thinking it was around 7. I wonder what's in store for next year.

    I just looked up, and saw a car driving slowly by, and a lady holding a camera out her window as she drove. I wonder if she was taking a video, because I don't think photos would turn out doing that. LOL

    I hope your week is going well.

  19. Hi Pam, at last a visit and boy am I glad I came visiting ! your garden is stunning. I love day lillies and your Monarda is beautiful (both colours) I saw some at the Hampton Court flower show which I wanted and so wish I had bought them, now I have to try and track them down somewhere at a garden or plant centre as I love them. Can they be sown from seed ??
    Have a lovely week.
    M x

  20. Pam,
    I love your yellow cactus flower and that red and orange rose! And of course being a fancier of blue, your delphinium blows my mind. I'd love to have those in a big bouquet.

    I had a blue delphinium like that once. I planted a delphinium seed but it was from a packet of mixed colors, so I'm crossing my fingers hoping it turns out blue. If it blooms this season at all. ;-)

  21. Pretty garden. Better still: you've so much food growing in it. Thanks for the Bloom Day tour!

  22. All of your plants are just beautiful as usual. I love the patriotic bouquet. It is so pretty and so appropriate for the season.

  23. Great blog Pam, I've never seen the Echinacea flower before!