Tuesday, May 18, 2010

'A Taste of England' for May's Monthly Garden Bouquet

In my dining room hangs a large print of a bluebell woods in England. The picture once graced the walls of my office before I retired. It helped relieve the stress of my job. My mother gave it me as a reminder of my favorite English flower. I would gaze at that painting and dream of creating a bluebell woods here in Pennsylvania. When I retired,  H.H. and I made a Woodland Walk. I decided to line the path leading to the entrance of my woodland garden with bluebells. I researched English bluebells and found them online at Brent and Becky's Bulbs. That was three years ago, so following the 'sleep and creep' years they are finally 'leaping'. Hooray, I am so.o.o happy!
The bluebell woods painting
Not quite like the painting, but I love the effect they create
as you cross the bridge to enter the Woodland Walk

The little wooden bridge spans a dry creek constructed to stop storm water from flowing down into our basement. Last month, Diana of Elephants Eye wrote a post about her creek which she calls Apple Creek. Her enchanting story prompted me to give ours a name ... Bluebell Creek. Thanks, Diana!

This morning I had tea under an arbor

My mother says the bluebells are over in her part of England. 
But for a little while I can enjoy my English bluebells, 
as I think about her and 'home'.
This post is my entry for May's Monthly Garden Bouquet hosted by Noelle at Ramblings From a Desert Garden.  Thank you, Noelle, for this opportunity. Be sure to visit Noelle's blog for more May bouquets!

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  1. How sweet theses areas look. Like they came out of a fairy tale. I would love to have tea there.

  2. I love it! And you will be able to compare, year by year, how it comes, more and more to resemble your painting.

    I looked up Apple Creek, when I chose that. Thought it might be a town somewhere. And there is, a city in USA, and a famous battle. Me, I was just thinking apple-blossom.

  3. Bluebells are the perfect flower for your woodland walk. The bluebells aren't out in my garden yet.

  4. Hello Pam, I love bluebells too and think your tea setting with your bouquet is just delightful! I hope to get to England again one day to see them in flower there.

    You have reminded me that I haven't dome my bouquet yet :( There are just not enough hours in the day sometimes!

  5. How lovely Pam... your setting for tea and your bluebells... so very very lovely. Your bluebells will spread in time... how great to finally be able to have your own in your new home. I can imagine looking upon your print and fantasizing!

  6. Welcome to my country garden...that's what I think of when I see yours.
    Sweet !!!
    Had Bluebells once but they were in too much shade and died.

  7. Sylvana - I would love to invite you for tea ...

    Diana - So gad you like it! I wonder if there is another Bluebell Creek somewhere? I will research it.

    Jo - My bluebells are out before yours? Wow.

    Gyppsy - I always seem to miss the bluebells when I'm in England... but now I have my own.

    Carol - At last, my English bluebells happened ... now if I could just be successful with English roses ...

    Thanks everyone for visiting and for your great comments.

  8. Patsi - I am so glad I am beginning to achieve the 'country garden' look. Thanks. Pam x

  9. Hi Pam...this is such a lovely post and bluebell creek an enchanting name. Tea beneath the arbor sounds delicious in so many ways.

    Have a grand day!

  10. What a wonderful story! I love how you were inspired for years by the painting that hung in your office. How awesome that you are getting to realize your dream! Your bouquet looks just perfect sitting on that tea table. Very English, indeed!

  11. Hi Pam, Your garden is looking fab and I just love your tea setting under the arbour with the blubells, it looks so inviting, I wish I could have joined you.

    The bluebell walk sound a great idea, a little bit of England.

    I'm glad you liked my wheelbarrow with the wellies on the handles.
    Have a lovely week-end.

    M x

  12. How pretty your buebells are...it reminds me of a song we used to sing in school..."The Bluebells of Scotland"

  13. Wow, Pam, your property is beautiful! I like both close and wide views, too. Your bluebells look wonderful in the ground and in your vase. I wanted to go explore in your print and your own bluebell garden.

  14. How sweet your tea spot is! I would have loved to join you. My favorite hot tea these days is a spiced peach from Davidson's tea. Yum! For iced tea, I like Tazo's Earl Grey added to a few plain tea bags, and it comes out tasting just like Starbucks! And your bluebell walk is so charming.

  15. I've left you a challenge on my blog, I hope you'll accept it.

  16. Your 'Bluebell' path is so nice and even a bridge. I love your arbor. How beautiful it is. What a nice stroll I've had with you.

  17. I love your tea table with your china and your bluebells and your arbor. It's beautiful! :)

  18. Love the setting for tea and the garden. Wonderful!

    We are always scouting for old tea sets!

  19. I was glad to find your blog. I love to blog and love English Cottage Gardens. I am trying hard to create one with my own "personality." I have had limited success but this time of year the garden is at its best. Having visited England in May, I can attest to the beauty of the wonderful gardens there. I try to post about mine as often as possible. Thanks for sharing the bluebells--hollyhocks are my favorite flower!

  20. It is wonderful to read all your lovely comments:

    Teresa - As you suggest, tea in the garden is truly delicious. I recommend it.

    Florida Girl - Welcome to my blog. I am glad you enjoyed my story. I will visit you soon.

    Maureen - How I wish you could join me in my garden for tea!

    Millie - Welcome! I loved the song "Bluebells of Scotland" when I was in school.

    Sue - I am honored by your comments, coming from someone whose blog and garden I admire.

    Robin - Thanks for sharing the tea flavors! The spiced peach is new to me - sounds delicious - can't wait to try it.

    RainGardener - Thanks you for strolling through my garden with me.

    Ruth - Welcome to my blog! I hope you will visit often.

    Rosarian - I also collect teapots! I would love to see your collection.

    Lori - I am glad you found my blog and I hope you return often!

    I will visit all of your soon. P x

  21. Simply lovely. I wish we could grow the English bluebells here, but you can't have everything. It's too hot. I'll just come and enjoy yours instead.~~Dee

  22. Oh, they are beautiful. I was looking forward to seeing English bluebells when I visited England last spring, but I was a little too late.

    We saw a lot of spent blooms by Queen Charlotte's Cottage at Kew, though, and I could imagine how beatiful they would have been just a few weeks earlier.

  23. Pam, when I first purchased my house, I dreamed of a bluebell wood as well. I think that perhaps they need a bit more sun in Canada, then they do in England, as I get lots of leaves and not flowers. They are in quite a shady spot in a Lilac Dell. Any thoughts?

  24. There is a woodland near us just like your painting. I love walking there in the Spring.