Wednesday, March 16, 2022

In Search of Spring



The day before the bomb cyclone that brought snow and strong winds, we went to the Lehigh Valley Flower Show in search of spring. Pansies, daffodils, tulips, and other spring bulbs were displayed everywhere. They did the trick, putting me in a lighter mood. As an unexpected bonus, we met several garden-club friends. We hadn't seen them for a while so it was great to catch up on our spring gardening plans. Duane and I made several purchases, of course. I picked out some flowering bulbs, Duane found a birdhouse he liked, and we bought a couple of bottles of wine at a local vineyard's stand. Great outing!

The 2022 Lehigh Valley Flower Show. These plants were door prizes. Sorry we didn't win one.

I brought home a beautiful iris, daffodils, and a muscari that is yet to bloom.


The promised cylclone didn't dump as much snow as predicted, we had about two inches, but the winds were brutal.

Can you see Bilbo Goat. He's probably thinking that he should have stayed in his warm stall in the stable.

This last month was very frustrating for me, and not only because of the awful weather. I was without my computer for 14 days. Trying to function with just an iPhone is no fun. For example, I participated in a half-day Zoom seminar on my phone and I thought I was going blind staring at that tiny screen. Also, of course, I couldn't write a blog post. As a result, this one will cover some of what I planned to tell you earlier, starting with the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC.)


As always the bird count was fun. I didn't see any unusual birds, but lots of activity at the feeder with chickadees (one on the swing), woodpeckers, and several Northern cardinals (one is upside down eating from the other side of the feeder.)

A pair of doves visited every day of the GBBC.


Northern Cardinal in the weeping cherry.

On days when it wasn't too cold, I toured the garden looking for spring. I picked Brussel sprouts from the cold frame. We still have parsnips under the snow.

I pruned shrubs: redtwig dogwood, potentilla, smokebush, and two hydrangeas. I have another dogwood and the roses to do.

Arctic fire™ red twig dogwood (Cornus stolonifera 'Farrow') now pruned.

On the last day of February, we returned to Longwood Gardens on the ultimate search for spring. As a plus, the much-anticipated new orchid house was open. Here are just a few of the many pictures I took. Yes, the iphone has some attributes.

Spring greeted us with tulips.

Angel's Trumpet Brugmansia x candida 'Maya'

The entrance to the Pavilion was spectacular as always.

Spurflower Plectranthus 'TNPLEVI'  (Velvet Idol)

 And the orchids!  I've grouped them by color. I have not attempted to label them.


I am blessed to live close enough to Philadelphia to visit the beautiful gardens there. Many are closed through the winter, but Longwood is always open. There is invariably something new to see there.

Spring finally came to my garden with the first crocuses and snowdrops. They were just in time for yesterday's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. I'm a day late but I'm sure Carol, who hosts this meme over at May Dreams Gardens, doesn't mind -- better late than never.

I've had a lot of damage in the garden this winter. Even daffodil shoots and hellebores have been nibbled. Some creature is digging holes everywhere. Many of my snowdrops have failed to appear.

Daffodils are pushing there way up, but even these have been eaten by deer or some other animal. This season I am seeing more animal damage than ever before.


To end on a great note, I had some lovely news from my friend, Lucy. The plant I gave her some years ago bloomed. I propagated a snake plant, Dracaena, and wrote about it here: A Little Vegetative Propagation. I believe that it is rare for Dracaena to bloom, and such lovely flowers. Who knew?


Beautiful Blooms of Sansevieria now classified as Dracaena

While waiting for my computer to be repaired, I assessed last year's kitchen garden, ordered seeds, and when they arrived I planned the 2022 garden--but that is for the next post. Spring is only a few days away and, as we have a warming trend with the weather, you will find me outside in the garden again.

Stay safe, dear friends. We are praying for peace in Ukraine.


Pamela x

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  1. So much bright color in all those spring flowers. It can't come too soon, can it?

  2. Not much spring here yet in Massachusetts, but i have lots of crocuses, and more daily. The hellebores have buds, as do the mini daffodils. I so enjoyed your pictures!

  3. The bulbs you bought are on the top of my list of all time faves.

  4. Snow is finally melting here in MN, but nothing coming up yet. Bulbs are still under snow... Spur flower is a lovely color, and the dracaenea flowers are pretty.

  5. What a wonderful mix between indoor and conservatory flowers and those first crocuses and snowdrops! It's always unnerving to me when something actually eats daffodils, as I grow them partly because I gave up keeping rabbits out of my tulips!
    Lovely photographs. Happy Spring!

  6. The used to be Sansevieria flowers are very fragrant too.

  7. Beautiful photos! I'm sorry to hear that February was a tough month for you; frankly, it's nearly always a tough month for me. Just...more...winter. But now it's spring! One of these days/years I'll make it to Longwood Gardens; I've heard so much about what a special place it is.

  8. I think the garden shows have been needed when searching for spring with all that snow. It's been a mild winter for us this year, not much snow at all, and we're currently experiencing a bout of fine weather so we're making the most of it and getting out and about as much as we can as Mick has a week off work. It's like losing a limb when we're without a computer or internet for a period of time, I hope it's all sorted now.

  9. Ugh! It’s so painful when winter decides to cling on endlessly. We’re expecting frozen mix tomorrow, when we should be out readying the garden for spring! So don’t look for it here in Ohio.

  10. I forgot I was going to tell you that I seriously did do my last blog post on my iPhone! I lost my iPad while on vacation, and while awaiting its return, had only my iPhone to work with. And I was determined to put out a March post with a March date. Ha!

  11. Ahh.. Longwood Gardens are in my bucket list of places to visit. Beautiful photos of the gardens.

  12. Pretty flowers!
    Great bird photos!
    Love the rooster bird feeder!
    Happy Easter!