Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day: September 2020 -- Plus Announcement of Winners

'Glorious gleam' nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

Gardeners know that ever year is different. The plant that failed last year is magnificent this one, and vice versa. The 2020 gardening season is true to form: with nasturtiums that made a poor show in 2019 full of leaves and flowers now, roses performing better than usual, and tomatoes having their first good year for ages. On the other hand, my milkweed failed to appear, the sunflowers got the sunflower stem borer and, as many of you know, I lost my Turks' cap lilies to the red lily beetle. These are minor setbacks, however, in a year full of horrors. I am just thankful for all that I have blooming on this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Thank you Carol of May Dreams Gardens for bringing some welcome flowers and sunshine into our lives at this troublesome time.  Here are a few of my blooms, today.

Top left: Trailing nasturtium; top right: Chinese lantern (Physalis alkekengi); bottom right: 'Glorious gleam' nasturium; bottom left: Tithonia 'Torch Red'

Snakeroot (Ageratina altissima) is a noxious weed popping up all over the place. It is native to this area. I love its pretty white flowers and don't remove the plant unless I find it growing near the goats' pasture -- it is very toxic to grazing animals.  There is a nice clump in the kitchen garden at the end of the cutting bed. Most of the vegetables are finished now. I still have flowers on the zucchini plant, but they aren't developing into fruit. I don't expect any more squash because the weather is quite cold. The chilly temperatures are due to smoke in the upper atmosphere from the terrible wildfires out West. I pray for those who have lost their homes and their loved ones, and for the brave firefighters. Also, for those in the path of Hurricane Sally. As I said, 2020 is full of horrors, beginning with the pandemic. I am so blessed, so thankful, to be safe in my beautiful gardens.

The Kitchen Garden

White asters in a container near the potting shed

I was hoping the helianthus would be blooming by now at the entrance to the kitchen garden. It isn't, so I put pots of mums each side of the arbor. As compensation for no helianthus, a volunteer morning glory appeared this week. It's color is stunning.


Arbor into the kitchen garden with budding helianthus, tubs of mums, and a stunning morning glory.

As I said, my roses are especially lovely this year. Rosa 'Peace' is attracting those bees that brave the cooler weather.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Purples and Blues

It is officially autumn in one week; my garden is changing rapidly with leaves turning to brown, red, and gold. There is leaf litter on all grassy surfaces.

The leaves of the vibernum (left) have already changed color

The pond has been particularly beautiful all season with constant water lilies.

 Lots blooming in the Serenity Garden: Turtlehead (Chelone 'Hotlips'), sedum 'Autumn Glory',  foxgloves, and hydrangea:

The Serenity Garden's flowers

Surprise! A miniature hosta blooming in one of Jon's gardens.


I am happy to announce the winners in my website-launch event. There were a total of 14 friends in the U.S.A who left comments on my Facebook page and on this blog after reading my new website,

 The winner of the book, Chanticleer: A Pleasure Garden by Adrian Higgins, is Ellen who tends Bryant Gardens that I wrote about last time. Katharine, of Stroudsburg PA, won the gift voucher. The Country Gardens Magazine: Summer 2020 issue containing the article about my gardens, goes to Alana who blogs at Ramblin' with AM.

Thank you to everyone who left lovely comments and expressed support for my efforts. Congratulations to all the winners! 

Wishing you a Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, everyone!


Pamela x

Goldfinches are flocking to the seeds of the cone flowers

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  1. A visit to your garden is always such a treat. I love the white asters and all the beautiful purples, my favorite color. Happy Bloom Day.

    1. I can't have a enough white in my garden! Very restful to the eyes.

  2. Wow! Splendid blooms.I loved that rustic hut in your garden.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at

    1. Your link up party is a lovely idea -- like Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the link to work.

  3. I think we've all been thankful for our gardens this year, I just don't know what else the year can throw at us. Your nasturtiums are going great guns, they're great for giving a splash of colour and they come in such a range of colours that there's something for everyone. I'm glad to hear you've had a good tomato year, it's not been so good for tomatoes here but luckily I grew more plants than usual this year so I've still had more than enough for my needs.

    1. I have the best, most productive tomato ever, Jo. The plant is a volunteer growing out a compost bin!

  4. Things look beautiful, and your morning glory is the perfect compliment to the mums!
    I'm a little annoyed at how fast and serious autumn is about making its presence known this year. It looks nice, and I'm not really complaining, but I'd rather not see the leaves coming down just yet.
    Plus there's quite a chill this morning!

    1. I'm annoyed too, Frank. And the frosts of the last two nights have decimated the morning glory and so much more.

  5. Hi Pam. Your garden is so lovely as it changes each month. I love the purples and blues, the roses and of course the nasturtium, which steals the show! Happy end of summer and start of a the next phase to the gardening season.

    1. As I said to Frank, we had a couple of frosts that did damage. This has been a short season with a late frost in the spring and those early frosts now. So sad to see it end.

  6. Your garden has always been one of my favourites Pam.Yes, every year is different, last year I had six apples from my four trees, this year I have box loads of them. Myra was just saying its been many years since we have had nasturtiums, after seeing yours, I will do something about that for next year.

  7. Pam, I received my prize (the Country Gardens magazine) today. Thank you so much!