Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Two Faces of Mt. Cuba

White Dome® wild hydrangea (Hydrangea arborescens 'Dardom')

Mt. Cuba, one of the many gardens I visited this year, ranks high on my list of ‘best places for native plants.’ It is really two gardens in one, however, with its naturalistic aspect and more formal side. I loaded photographs into Blogger months ago, but I’m glad I didn’t finish the posting as this is an excellent time to share with you, while my computer is at the repair shop. So without too many words (I’m using an iPhone) here is a photographic tour of a truly stunning garden experience.

Tickseed (Coreopsis 'Redshift')
View of the Piedmont
Classical touches in the formal gardens
Wide herbaceous borders and grass allées

The Round Garden with its geometric shapes around a pool, its straight lines, and symmetry is one of Mt. Cuba's formal gardens. Native plants enhance both the formal and informal gardens.

The Round Garden
Native plants, like the chartreuse green amsonia, enhance both formal and naturalistic gardens
Inside the trial garden
One of several sedges being trialed.
Hydrangeas are being trialed in both sun and shade.
Informal 'cottage garden' feel in parts of the trial garden.
Wild ginger (Asarum canadense)

Sweet blue violets covered the woodland floor. Mt. Cuba declared it a featured plant for spring this year. 

Silver gem prostrate blue violet (Viola walteri 'Silver Gem')
At Mt. Cuba it is important to look up and admire the trees.

Spigelia loves moist woods and the banks of streams.

Woodland pinkroot (Spigelia Marilandica)
A peaceful oasis at Mt. Cuba

It’s lovely to look back to early summer on this cold November day — there was a hard frost here this morning. I hope you enjoyed this tour. I’m looking forward to resuming normal blogging when my computer comes back. Love, Pamela x

Tree stumps not cut straight across look more natural

I love reading your comments. I hope you leave one so I’ll know you visited! 
I look forward to visiting your blog in return.


  1. What a beautiful place, and your iPhone post is quite impressive! Yes, I can see why it's important to look up. Just lovely!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Visiting Mt. Cuba must have been a wonderful and inspirational experience.

  3. Those pots of Coreopsis, simple, but so dramatic!

  4. Such a lovely garden, I love those Spigelia flowers Pam.