Saturday, September 29, 2018

Rest In Peace

Amarettos Top Dude
7/10/1998 - 9/27/2018

For those of you who didn't read my posting on Facebook, I am sorry to tell you my sweet Dude passed away this week. He was the gentlest, cutest miniature horse. He was a wonderful friend to me and his buddy Billy Goat. We will miss him enormously. When I worked in the garden, he was always there at the fence, watching my every move, and waiting for me to toss him a tasty weed. I included him in my blog postings because he was an important part of my garden story. Here is a link to an article I wrote about him a couple of years ago:

In the article, believing that Billy would go first, I mentioned that we were thinking of adding a young goat to the family, so that Dude would not be left alone. We did nothing at the time. Then we realized that Billy would be the one needing a new buddy, so two weeks ago, we purchased a nine-week-old Nigerian pygmy goat. He is black (like Dude) and we named him Doodles in Dude's honor. Billy is obviously grieving and we hope that Doodles will give him some comfort.


 Rest in Peace, Dude. 
Welcome little Doodles.

Pamela x

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  1. i'm so sorry. Having been through this with many of my own animals over the years, I understand only too well the pain of the loss of the special friend that Dude was for you.

  2. Oh Pam, I am so sorry to read this. I always enjoyed hearing about Dude and Billy Goat on your blog, they seemed such good friends and I know that Billy Goat will miss Dude as much as you will, though I hope that Doodles will help you all in this time of grief. Sending you hugs xx

  3. Always heartbreaking. Thinking of you.

  4. Pam, I am so sorry to hear about Dude. I have lost several cats over the past few years, so my heart is broken for you. It is the hardest thing to go through. Big hugs.

  5. So sorry for your loss, Pam. He was so fortunate to have you for a caregiver and "mom." My Oreo cat passed just a few weeks ago, and I'm still sad about it. Hugs.

  6. So sorry, I have tears, why is that? But your little blog entries about this sweet animal have affected me. Also the article you did about the two pals for our Nature Place Journal.

  7. So sad, always harder to lose an animal friend which has been with you for a long time. Hope Doodles gives Billy and yourself some comfort.

  8. Oh so incredibly sad to lose a member of your furry family - my heart goes out to you and Billy & hoping that Doodles is helping to soothe the hurt.