Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Native Flowers, a Beautiful Wedding, and a Budding Photographer

These lovely purple asters were blooming at Tyler Arboretum, near Philadelphia, when we were there for a wedding a few weeks ago. The wedding was gorgeous; time spent with family a joy. Of course, I was thrilled that the event was held in a beautiful botanical garden -- the bride and groom could not have picked a better venue for me. The ceremony was scheduled for the afternoon and we took advantage of free passes to visit the arboretum in the morning. H.H and I spent a pleasant couple of hours strolling the pathways through the trees with my son and his two boys. Naturally, I took pictures of the various native plants we encountered. My 12-year-old grandson, Mateo, asked if he could use the camera. I set it on automatic, gave him some basic instructions such as how to hold it, and handed it over. He took some great pictures! So much so, that I asked him to photograph the actual wedding. Now he thinks he may be a photographer when he grows up. Here are a few of Mateo's pictures, interspersed with some of mine:

Bee on aster       Photograph by Mate0

Frost aster Symphyotrichum pilosum      Photograph by Mateo
Winterberry holly Ilex verticillata
Sorry I don't know what this is. Do you?
Ox-eye sunflower Heliopsis helianthoides   Photograph by Mateo

As well as native plants and majestic trees we were interested in the educational information provided on signs around the park. We learned that the man-made brushpile structures were created to give habitat for some animals.

Brushpile habitats

Honeysuckle Lonicera

The boys loved the numerous tree houses that dot the arboretum. 

Birds eye view from a treehouse. Mateo is the boy wearing a hoody.
Nature-made sculpture   Photograph by Mateo

My daughter-in-law, Mateo's mother, officiated at the wedding, making the event even more special for us.

Photographs by Mateo

I was so impressed with Mateo's work, and with the care he took of the camera. We gave him a new name: Lord Lichfield.  (My friends in England will know that Patrick Lichfield, during his lifetime, was the royal family's renowned photographer.)

We wish Kristi and Eric a beautiful life together. Thank you for including us in your special day.

Pamela x

Photograph by Mateo

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Pam. It certainly looked like a beautiful wedding in a beautiful garden on a beautiful day. I'll have to put Tyler Arboretum on my to do list. PS...your photographer did awesome. You taught him well!

  2. Mateo seems to be a natural born photographer. Very nice pictures. I do especially love the asters.

  3. What a perfect setting for a wedding, and how wonderful that you had time to explore, too! The wedding party looks very handsome. :)

  4. I love purple asters too. And the bees love them even more.

  5. What a beautiful bride and groom, wishing them a lifetime of happiness together. What a wonderful place to hold the wedding. I think you've definitely got a budding photographer in the family, Mateo's photos are fabulous.

  6. The wedding looks beautiful and your grandson took some wonderful pictures.

  7. Well! I reckon Mateo did a first class job with the camera, plants and wedding. Unknown plant may be Prunus spinosa.

  8. A good way for Mateo to start an interest or possibly a career for life! I have many rather weedy-looking frost asters in my garden I'm about to be ruthless and take them all out ready to replace with more positive colour - I would love some roots from your first photo!

  9. Excellent job! and sounds like a wonderful occasion, I wish the newlyweds all the best.
    I think your unknown is mile a minute vine, a terrible invasive...

  10. Beautiful setting for a beautiful day!

  11. I think you have discovered a photographer-in-the-making in your grandson. Great job Mateo!

  12. I sure hope he follows through with the photography!

  13. Kudos to your grandson ! Looks like a beautiful event.

  14. What a beautiful spot for a wedding, and a wonderful day spent with your family, especially your grandson! Thanks for sharing your fun day. Best, -Beth