Saturday, March 15, 2014

Celebrating the Subtle Signs of Spring

 Exactly two years ago on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, which is always the 15th of the month, I wrote a posting called March Madness . Please click on the link and scroll through the pictures -- you will be amazed. The temperature was high enough to bring frogs out of the pond and to open up the blooms of daffodils, crocus, hellebores, and many other spring flowers. How different today, with snow and ice still covering most of the garden. But I refuse to be downhearted. This may be the winter that will not quit, however, I am celebrating some subtle signs of spring that put hope into my heart.

At daybreak, for the past couple of weeks, I hear birdsong. The cardinal and the tufted titmouse for sure are serenading their ladies. Not exactly a full dawn chorus, but its a great start. And the male goldfinches on my feeder are looking more yellow every day as their winter olive-colored feathers begin to take on their spring/summer hue. Did you notice this in my first picture?

 As for flowers, I searched the shade garden where the snow had melted .. .

There were no snowdrops near their markers.
I hope the mole and the chipmunk haven't moved them.
I looked for hellebores and primroses and, to my joy, I found buds.

Buds on the hellebore

New leaves and a bud on the primrose.

I discovered several clumps of daffodils where the snow had gone. It will be a couple of months before they bloom, but I am happy to see they survived this dreadful winter.


In the cottage garden, somewhere under all the snow there are crocuses, trust me. I am so glad I planted some evergreens for winter interest, and didn't cut down all the perennials.

There are crocuses under the snow here.
It was good to see some green all winter

The snow is melting slowly and I can see cornstalks above the white of the back field.

Can you see the corn stalks?

 Certainly no frogs near the pond. And I wonder how the fish are faring? The pond was completely frozen over for about a week and we couldn't get near it through the drifting snow. The pond was built very deep, so hopefully the fish are O.K.

A bubbler makes a small hole in the ice covering the pond.

How wonderful, I found some sedum buds! Sedum is so reliable. It is a little 'find' like this that really lifts my spirits.

Sedum, 'Autumn Joy' brings joy to me today!

One, not-so-good sign of spring ... H.H. said he killed a mosquito near the stable about a week ago. I thought he was mistaken as it was very cold. But this morning, when he went to change the water in the bird bath, amazingly there were hundreds of mosquito larvae squiggling around in it. Ugh!

Still some ice on the water, but a mosquito had got into it.

Putting this depressing thought behind me, I took one more turn around the shade garden, stepping gingerly over the ice and snow. Then I saw it ...

The first bloom of spring.

For me this little, budding snowdrop reaffirms that the change from winter to spring is about hope. This is cause to celebrate. I know it is going to be a wonderful new gardening season!

I am joining Donna at Gardens Eye View for her Seasonal Celebrations and Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day. Thank you, Donna and Carol, for hosting these two great memes.  Please go to their wonderful sites, dear friends; you will be glad you did.

Happy spring!
Pamela x

But starting to wake up at last!

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  1. Hello Pam, blogging's side effect for me is learning that Climate Change is really making changes all over the world. In your case and some other temperate countries I've read, it seems winter has been lengthened or colder. Maybe there was truth when they said that hot countries will be hotter, and cold countries colder. I wish there will be a zone in between, as our dry season is just starting and yet it feels like we are already at the height of it. Vegetation go haywire too!

  2. Nothing like the first Snowdrop to give you trust in the fact that Spring is coming...soon...I hope.

  3. Oh the heartlifting joy of finding green shoots in the snow. Happy days.

  4. I'm so glad that you are seeing some signs of spring. What a long winter you had to endure! We seem to have skipped winter all together here. So strange to go from autumn to spring. Of course we have the challenge of summer's drought yet to endure, but for now I'm enjoying the blooms of spring! Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  5. What an awful winter you folks over the pond have experienced.
    I know I would be jumping for joy at the thought of the snow melting and bring all those teeny tiny signs of spring. What a welcome sight those 2 snowdrop flowers are Pam.

  6. Wonderful all those goldfinches on the birdfeeder. Finding green shoots in the snow is so promising for spring time. Could not help laughing about March madness. We have a March madness year right now. There was hardly frost this winter and spring is earlier than ever. Every year and every season is different that keeps life exciting.

  7. It's amazing how much of a difference there can be from year to year. The first snowdrop always gives me hope that spring is on the way, I'm sure it won't be too long now before all your snow melts.

  8. Whew! I was relieved for you, Pam, when I saw that snowdrop! It's been a strange winter here...we just got 7" of snow last night! It was in the 60's the day before. I have had quite a few signs of spring but at the moment they are covered up. The temps won't stay too cold for too many days so hopefully our snow will be gone by the end of the week. I hope PA warms up soon for you!

  9. Oh Pam I have noticed the birds a bit more active and noisy...but luckily no mosquitoes here...we are still completely frozen. I was so hopeful to see your snowdrops. Thanks for joining in the celebration.

  10. How excitingly, wonderful to see spring bursting forth.

    How awful about the mosquitoes. Hopefully the birds will feast on them.

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  11. Hi Pam, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  12. A very happy spring to you, Pam! I've got just a handful of crocuses blooming right now, but they lift my heart every time I see them!

  13. Good grief you still have all that snow AND share the mosquito which is chewing on my leg!

  14. Spring is in line waiting here. Birds are very active, but budding is a month behind. Should be a quick one when plants finally awake.

  15. I sure love snow drops, but have not been able to grow them. Your post is beautiful. Those little birds are just so sweet. Cheers.

  16. Hello Pam, we here in Croatia have had a really mild winter. I sowed my peas outside at the end of February! There is lots in garden to be done, but, like you, I just love it.
    The birds are really lovely, nice photographs. I have lots of birds in my garden, the newcomer is a pheasant that walks around my vegetable garden every morning. I think, there is a couple nesting in the bushes near my garden. Still did not manage to catch it with my camera.

  17. Pam, I am not surprised at your joy in these subtle signs of Spring. Hope it warms up soon.

  18. Hurrah for the first snowdrops! From here on it’s just onwards and upwards towards full spring. I know you have had a difficult winter so I hope you get a summer that will make up for it :-)

  19. It has indeed been a tough winter to get through, especially for us gardeners. But the end is in sight, and soon your garden will wake up! Mine is just starting to, and I couldn't be happier.

  20. It's been a tough enough winter down here. I can only imagine what it's been like up where you are. That little snowdrop is certainly a ray of hope that spring is on the way.

  21. Pam, It's difficult to imagine that some areas still have snow. We were so lucky here on the west coast, we even didn't complain about our rains. Signs of spring are subtle but exciting in your corner of the woods!

  22. Happy spring to you! The other day I looked at My Garden Notebook post last year at this time, and things were much further along. It is definitely a colder spring. I love watching the Goldfinches develop their golden color--so exciting.

  23. Hi Pam, it has been a long winter, hasn't it? I'm so happy to see signs of spring in your garden. Soon the snow will be only a memory and flowers will be blooming. We're all so ready, aren't we?

  24. So lovely to see spring...and the birds! :)

  25. It's beautiful to see the signs of spring. Love your birds photography. I'm a new follower here, looking forward to reading your posts.

  26. In our other hemisphere and mediterranean climate ... the Narcissus is pushing up leaves, in relief at coolth after the summer.