Saturday, September 29, 2012

Award Winning Zinnias and Other Accolades

My zinnias won a second-place ribbon at our local fair, earlier this month. I was so excited -- this was the first time I'd entered anything. I put them in the "floor-display" category under the theme "Tea Time." I interpreted the theme with an English display incorporating the London Olympics and the Queen's jubilee.

This was such a special year for England and my display made me feel I had a little part in it. Not as good as being in London, though, for the festivities.

Some of my coronation memorabilia enhanced the theme.

Zinnias are a 'must have' in my garden. They are one of my favorite annuals. I grow them from seed every year then plant them in tubs and among the vegetables in the kitchen garden.

I am choosing zinnia as my ninth signature plant for Elephant Eye's meme "A Dozen For Diana." I am enjoying creating a virtual garden that incorporates plants I would choose if I 'did it over again.' I encourage you to visit Diana's wonderful South African garden and see her lovely choices.

Zinnias and marigolds in my kitchen garden.
I won a couple more ribbons at the fair. I am proud to say my red beets took a first and my chocolate mint took a second place ribbon.

Burpee's Organic Beet, Detroit Dark Red

Also, I have been given some blog awards by fellow bloggers. I am embarrassed that I haven't acknowledged them sooner. My thanks (and apologies for the delay) to Lee of A Guide to Northeastern Gardening and Helene of Graphicality-UK. Lee and Helene each nominated me for the 'One Lovely Blog' Award. I am so honored! Lee and her husband live on the South Shore of Long Island, New York, and Helene gardens in East London. I love reading their great blogs.

At the beginning of the year, Jayne of Green and Serene gave me the Liebster Blog Award. Jayne gardens in Texas and like me, she is a former Brit. Liebster is German for 'favorite' so I was delighted to receive this award from one of my favorite bloggers.

 I don't follow the rules when I'm nominated for blog awards, but I am really grateful, and I encourage you to click on the links and pay Lee, Helene and Jayne a visit.

Another nice thing happened to me this year. I received a certificate from PennState Master Gardeners recognizing my garden as being pollinator friendly.

Lots of monarch cats in my garden this year.
Any Pennsylvania gardener can apply for this certification by following four steps: 1) provide nectar and laval food sources, 2) provide water, 3) provide shelter, and 4) safeguard habitat by removing invasive plants and reducing pesticide use.

Nectar food for the monarch butterfly.
Milkweed provides larval food for the monarch caterpillar.
For more information go to PennState's Center for Pollinator Research site. I'll write more about this wonderful program in a future posting.

It was too cold for me to work outside today; fall has definitely arrived. I took the following photo through the kitchen window. While many plants are going to seed, there are still blooms to enjoy. It is hard to believe summer is over, but autumn is a beautiful season.

View across the fishpond.
Wishing you joy in your garden whatever the season in your part of the world.

Love, Pamela x

Zinnia's in the Kitchen Garden last year.
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  1. Nothing says summer like zinnias in the garden... Congratulations on your ribbon. Your display was very eye catching.... Nice to see all your beautiful flowers in bloom!

  2. This really was a good year for our home country, wasn't it Pam? The Royal Wedding, The Golden Jubilee, The Olympics, all put London in the spotlight. And I think it really shone, don't you? Congratulations for your awards. I wonder if Texas has that pollinator friendly award too? I'd like to qualify for that. Thanks for the link back, I really felt you deserved the Liebster Award.

  3. Congrats on all the ribbons and awards! Zinnias are my all time favorite too. Having nearly 100% shade cover I have to hunt for a sunny spot so they don't do as well here. Love the blog! Hugs Carol

  4. Congratulations on all your awards and especially on your ribbons. I love zinnias. I need to get back to planting them.

  5. Your zinnias are charming! I just love your little English teatime display.

  6. Pollinator friendly, both of us, altho I'm not certified, just a mess with a plan - as another garden blogger said about hers.

    I'm wondering - are zinnias edible flowers? Can you scatter the petals on salad? I know you can eat pot marigolds.

  7. Diana -- I have not found zinnias on any edible flower list. P. x

  8. Congratulations on your awards Pam. Its some time since I have grown Zinnias but they perform surprisingly well in the North East of Scotland, providing you are not tempted to plant them out too early in the season.

  9. Congratulations, Pam! They are so beautiful I can see why they won. The colors are so pretty.

  10. Congratulations on your ribbon and on all your awards. I am happy to have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You are so worthy and I always enjoy visiting your "lovely" gardens!

  11. Zinnias hate Alaska. Something about not enough heat? My first flower ribbons were for roses, I think, but I've never attempted a theme display. I'm way too intimidated!

    Christine in Alaska, rainy autumn

  12. I love your tea-time display and admire your determination to not lose your British roots. Congratulations on the award!

  13. Congratulations Pam! I haven't been able to grow a single decent beet in 3 years so I'm extremely impressed. I have a soft spot for zinnias too, such beautiful easy care flowers, and you obviously have a great knack for growing them.

  14. Congrats on all of your awards! Especially the ones at the fair. How fun to take part and get a ribbon too. I like your tea cart :)

    And the view of your garden is so pretty! We are all huddled inside this week as well.

  15. Wonderful news Pamela, congratulations! Zinnias are a must have for me too. But I was so disappointed that my Queen Red Lime zinnias did not make it, because I vowed they would be a permanent fixture. Next year!

  16. Hello Pam, ts been a long time since I have visited your blog, or anyone's in fact and that includes my own !
    I have been busy doing other things and haven't kept up,with my blogging.

    I adore Zinnias and grow them every year , Asters do so well at this time of the year too. Well done on your ribbon and your English display is so lovely.

    I hope you are well.
    Love Maureen

  17. I forgot to ask about your Mother ! How is she ?
    M x