Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Flag Day! Happy June GBBD!

 I took pictures of my garden yesterday, Flag Day, for posting on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day today. I am taking a break from blogging, reading blogs and visiting Blotanical, mainly due to pressure of work in the garden as I prepare for a large group visiting next week. But as the purpose of this blog is to record the monthly happenings in my garden, I will provide a brief picture for June, with no touched-up photos, no Latin names and just a few comments -- do ask questions if you have any! And do visit May Dreams Gardens where gardeners all around the world post their bloom day pictures, thanks to Carol!

Red clematis brightens the cottage garden
This is the time between the initial burst of color from irises, peonies and roses, and the peaking of the summer perennials -- something of a downtime.

Yellow yarrow and pink spirea
Evening primrose around the sundial
Lambs'ears, catmint and perennial geranium

The first flush of roses is fading. The David Austin is still holding it's own ...

David Austin rose 'Lichfield Angel'
The bees are busy, but most of the butterflies are little white ones ... haven't seen many colored ones yet.

Hydrangea blossom

Catalpa trees are blooming everywhere ...

Catalpa blossom
H.H.'s latest flea market find is a small birdcage. I placed a potted ivy inside and hung the pretty cage on a hook over the shade-garden table.

Catalpa blossoms all over the shade garden lawn
 Few flowers, lots of textures in the shade garden.

Spider plant
Lady's mantle
First blueberries

The weather is 'perfect' today, but we've had a lot of rain and the weeds are horrendous, and the phlox has powdery mildew, yuck! I'm late with most of my garden chores, and only recently finished planting vegetables -- sowed parsnips in the new raised bed this week. I still have annual flowers to plant, so I must go outside and get busy!

I hope your Flag Day was joyous! Happy Bloom Day, dear gardening friends!

Pamela x

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  1. Your June garden looks great, Pam! I hope to get some ripe blueberries soon too. Hope you're having a good summer!

  2. Your visitors are in for a real treat. Looks lovely and so well taken care of.

  3. This is a real cottage many of us think we have cottage do! Love it..!

  4. I think the world's gardeners must be behind with things this year, I know I am because of all the rain we're having. The weeds are loving it though, my allotment needs lots of work doing on it. I haven't even sown my parsnips yet, and I've seen plenty of blueberries on the bushes, but they're not as advanced as yours. I love H.H.'s flea market find, I'm sure the ivy will soon have it smothered and it'll look wonderful.

  5. Pam, how lovely is David Austin rose and hostas!

  6. Today is such a gorgeous day, and it is continuing through Tuesday. I hope you get a lot done.

  7. Happy GBBD to you too, Pam. Nice tour around the garden.

  8. Your gardens are so welcoming. I love the bumblebee photo and the table and chairs just waiting for someone to visit!

  9. Great idea putting a plant in the birdcage. What an interesting planter it makes and how pretty over the table for two.

  10. Your garden during its 'downtime' is just lovely. That red Clematis looks amazing at the back of the cottage garden. The yellow Yarrow and pink Spirea work very well together. I just love the Primroses around the sundial, and that lovely wrought iron garden setting with the birdcage close by. That's a great little spot. I just know the group that's visiting next week will love your garden. Enjoy the day.

  11. Pam thanks for the 'quick' tour. I understand your busyness as I am going through the same processes to get ready to leave for vacation. Have a great tour.

  12. Your garden looks good. Sometimes, it hard to find time for blogging. Hope everyone enjoys touring your garden!

  13. Have a great break. Sometimes we have to stop blogging about our gardens so we can work in them! ;) Your Lichfield Angel is much more yellow than mine. Very pretty, though. And I love the birdcage! Great find!

  14. Your garden's "down time" is still pretty active, I'd say! I do know what you mean, though, with so many of the spring blooms done, and the summer ones still in bud. I was sort of grateful for the rainy, cool week we had, since I recently dug up a bed of overcrowded black-eyed Susans, and then re-planted about twenty of the shoots.

    I have a picture of a bee on my GBBD post this month too, in the May night salvia!

    I hope the weather cooperates for your guests, and that they appreciate your beautiful flowers!

  15. I love your shade garden with the arbor in back and the pretty table and chairs! Looks like such a pretty and relaxing place for a cup of tea or lemonade.

    I hear you about the weeds and powdery mildew! You have some beautiful blooms though!

  16. It's looking beautiful Pam! Good luck with your preparations for the group visit, they are a very lucky group indeed!

  17. Good luck with hosting your garden tour - I don't think I would be so brave. Love the birdcage.

  18. It all looks so good. Good luck and happy weeding for your garden visit. I wish I could come.~~Dee

  19. Such an honor to have a large visitor group to your garden! My biggest compliment was when the neighborhood girls wanted to take their prom photos near my arbor. I was so honored to say yes!

  20. So very beautiful! Words fail me.

  21. Your sundial garden looks so nice right now, and your little hosta pot from Carolyn's looks like it is filling out nicely! I love the bird cage over the table... my idea of garden party heaven :) I hope you have nice weather!

  22. Pam,
    it all looks fantatic up there in CoolLand. Here in Hotland, the flowers are fading.
    Where did you get that U.S. flag with the circular stars? Beautiful.
    Happy GBBD!

  23. Lovely photos, I especially liked the David Austin 'Lichfield Angel', I have three David Austin myself. I really enjoy reading your posts, I can understand the need for having a blogging break, but I do hope you will be back soon :-)
    When you do, I hope you will accept my nomination of you for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, your blog is so lovely and truly deserve it. Congratulation! You can find the rules here:
    Take care :-)

  24. Just stopped by to wish you Happy 4th July, Pam and see how your garden grows. Busy, busy as the pollinators in your lovely June garden. Always think of you when our Catalpa is in bloom - not quite yet though

  25. Your garden is beautiful. Have a nice summer...

  26. You have a beautiful garden and I love it.