Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Flag Day! Happy June GBBD!

 I took pictures of my garden yesterday, Flag Day, for posting on Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day today. I am taking a break from blogging, reading blogs and visiting Blotanical, mainly due to pressure of work in the garden as I prepare for a large group visiting next week. But as the purpose of this blog is to record the monthly happenings in my garden, I will provide a brief picture for June, with no touched-up photos, no Latin names and just a few comments -- do ask questions if you have any! And do visit May Dreams Gardens where gardeners all around the world post their bloom day pictures, thanks to Carol!

Red clematis brightens the cottage garden
This is the time between the initial burst of color from irises, peonies and roses, and the peaking of the summer perennials -- something of a downtime.

Yellow yarrow and pink spirea
Evening primrose around the sundial
Lambs'ears, catmint and perennial geranium

The first flush of roses is fading. The David Austin is still holding it's own ...

David Austin rose 'Lichfield Angel'
The bees are busy, but most of the butterflies are little white ones ... haven't seen many colored ones yet.

Hydrangea blossom

Catalpa trees are blooming everywhere ...

Catalpa blossom
H.H.'s latest flea market find is a small birdcage. I placed a potted ivy inside and hung the pretty cage on a hook over the shade-garden table.

Catalpa blossoms all over the shade garden lawn
 Few flowers, lots of textures in the shade garden.

Spider plant
Lady's mantle
First blueberries

The weather is 'perfect' today, but we've had a lot of rain and the weeds are horrendous, and the phlox has powdery mildew, yuck! I'm late with most of my garden chores, and only recently finished planting vegetables -- sowed parsnips in the new raised bed this week. I still have annual flowers to plant, so I must go outside and get busy!

I hope your Flag Day was joyous! Happy Bloom Day, dear gardening friends!

Pamela x

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