Thursday, October 27, 2011


Honey Bee on Zinnia, October 18, 2011
A few days before I left America for England, there were still bees and butterflies in my autumn garden.  Yes, I am in England again. I came back to my homeland last weekend, after receiving the call that my 92-year-old mother would be discharged from the hospital soon. I knew when H.H. and I left here earlier this month that I would need to come back to prepare her house for her return, but didn't think it would be this quick, although it has been five weeks since she fell. Before I began my journey, I walked around my garden and took a few pictures to post, but this is the first opportunity I've had to do so.

When I toured my garden last Sunday, the only sign of  a butterfly was the monarch chrysalis that I had been watching for a week. I was thrilled when there were eggs, then caterpillars on the milkweed I planted last year, but the chrysalis really excited me, and I hoped the butterfly would emerge before I left for the airport. No such luck.

Monarch Cat on Milkweed

Monarch Chrysalis, October 23, 2011
Maybe next year I'll watch the incredible metamorphosis.

Monarch on Marigold, October 18, 2011
I'm glad I snapped some pictures of my garden before I left, because I believe the temperature plummeted in the Poconos this week, and snow is forecast for tonight. All the following pictures were taken Sunday, October 23.

Come walk with me ...

The fish were still active in the pond

I must tell H.H. to put the succulents in the garage before the weather worsens.

There was still some color in the cottage garden.

Marigolds and Blueberry

Lots of berries on the crabapple tree this year.

The birds will eat well this winter.

The last dahlia

The Johnnie Jump-Ups have bloomed since March

The planters on the patio still look amazing

Impatiens and black-eyed Susan vine in the stone garden.
Fall leaves in the shade garden.

Zinnias in the kitchen garden

Since my last posting, the corn was harvested.

The giant harvester leaving the lower field.
I am always sad to see the corn go; it marks the end of the gardening season. But the upper field looks incredibly beautiful in its autumn colors which seem even more brilliant now the corn is cut.

Upper Corn Field

Finally, I must say goodbye to my mini horse, Dude, and his companion, Billy. I don't think they mind me leaving as long as someone is feeding them. But I'll miss them.

I must apologize for not visiting your blogs lately, but  this is my first opportunity to switch on the computer -- I've been busy cleaning Mom's house, sorting her clothes, visiting the hospital, meeting with social workers, etc. I have also been looking at assisted living facilities, as we don't know how long she will be able to live alone, even with the incredible support she receives from caregivers. I know you will understand if I don't stop by your blog for a while, or write a new post on my own site. There is no internet service at Mom's house and I am writing this in my favorite restaurant. Its not good for me to be around all this food.

I will return to blogging as soon as I can.

Sending love to all my dear gardening friends,
Pamela x

Caterpillar on Dill, 10/23/11
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I look forward to visiting your blog in return.


  1. Simply beautiful! Isn't so wonderful how metamorphosis works? I have a patch of milkweed in my garden and I'm hoping, that in the future, monarchs will find it and lay their eggs on it. I love your succulents. I have a similar sort of thing in an old birdbath of mine. Succulents are so fun!

  2. Hi Pam,

    It must be amazing watching the flutters developing and emerging... I'd hoped to see 'my' Commas emerge but the sneaky little things managed to do it when I wasn't looking!!! Grrr. And to think I was checking every sunny, warm day for them. If I could, I would've kicked myself.

  3. Yes, I am sorry to report that there are some f- words falling along with the rain right now, Thursday afternoon, in Wayne County, PA!

    I hope your mother has an easy transition back home and a quick recovery.


  4. I'm envious of your Monarch caterpillar. I have plentiful stands of milkweed and although I've seen some Monarchs come through, there has been no sign of eggs or caterpillars. I hope everything goes well with your mum and that she is soon settled back in at home.

  5. Hi Pam,
    I enjoyed your post and all of your beautiful pictures. I hope you get to see the Butterfly emerge next year. What an incredible sight that would be.
    Wishing you well as you settle your Mum. Cheers, Jenni

  6. What a good job you took photos of your lovely garden before you left, it sounds as though you will return to a totally different scene if snow is forcast. What a shame you missed the emerging Monarch, I hope you get to see one next year. I do like to catch a glimpse of Duke and Billy on your blog so I enjoyed the photos of them. I do hope you manage to get everything sorted out for your mum before you have to return to America, I'm sure it will be a weight off your mind to know she is settled.

  7. Oh the wonder of nature! The walk through your garden was enchanting as always.

    It dawned on me after reading your post that the the stages of a butterfly are very much like our lives. We metamorphosis off and on throughout our days. May you and your mother spend happy days as you help her prepare for the next stage.

    Thinking of you!

  8. it would be so lovely to have these butterflies in the UK, beautiful photo's xx

  9. Oh dear, I hope your Mom recovers and heals very well. I know at that age sometimes it is a slow recovery.I am glad you got some pictures of the metamorphosis. There is always next year. I love the picture of the bright red berries on your crabapple tree. That is a gorgeous picture of the corn field with the Fall leaves in the woods beyond. Take care while you are home and do not over do it.

  10. Dear Pam, your garden looks beautiful and I'm sure you will miss it, but enjoy your time with your mum, she must be thrilled to have you there. It's a difficult time deciding what to do for the best when they get to that age ! I know because I have done it. If the time comes for your mum to have to leave her home and go into care it will be sad, but at least you will know she is being looked after 24/7. Living so far away must be a worry.
    Take care.
    M x

  11. I had no idea blueberries had such beautiful fall foliage. Your garden looks like a happy place. I hope your mom is well.

  12. I've been thinking about you and all that snow. Hope it didn't hit you too hard! We dodged it here in central Ohio, but I know our time will come. We've finally had a few frosts, but most of my flowers are still hanging in there, thankfully!

  13. Pam take your time and do what you have to do and get back only when time permits.

    I have been very busy working and trying to find myself around my new town so I haven't posted lately.

    God bless and guide you as you go about this new transition as far as taking care of your Mom. Do remember to rest and take care of you as well.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely garden, I always enjoy it.

  14. Good job looking out for your mom. It's not easy. The garden will be waiting for you, even under snow, and your readers will be waiting too. Good luck with everthing!

  15. Hello Pam, everything in your garden was looking just great before you left, hope you get back to your usual routine soon. I know the pressure you feel, my own mother is 90 and so not able to look after herself properly but refuses point blank to have carers come in. I am looking to add a picture of your garden and a link to your site on my (Your Gardens) page. If you don't want it there you can tell me at a later date and I will remove it.

  16. What fantastic insects - Pam is your mother alright?

  17. We don’t get Monarchs active here Pam; I’m fascinated to see them in your garden!
    I do hope your mother is doing well.

  18. Your garden is beautiful, Pam. Thank you for taking us along on your walk.

  19. Beautiful photos. Am praying for you and your mom as she begins the transition to assisted living. Blessings.

  20. The storm didn't do much here coldwise, but there was a frost last night and I haven't been out to look at the damage yet. Hope everything is going well in England.

  21. Pam,
    Sorry to hear that your mother is not doing well, but I am glad that you are able to be there for her. We are walking through similar circumstances in my family as well.

    Your garden was looking so alive for the end of October! We had very mild weather for Oct, perhaps that was your case also. (It just frosted on the 29th.) How exciting to have the butterflies calling it home! The marigolds with the blueberry bush made me smile for all of their brashness... so energetic.

    Hope that you are able to enjoy the nice weather in England during your stay, and a walk at least around a tree-lined block.


  22. Your garden is really pretty and nice you took so many images. Hope your mother is well and you get to spend some quality time with her. No need to worry about the blogs, they will be here when you get back. I would miss my pets and I bet they miss you.

  23. Hello dear Pam,
    I hope your Mother is doing fine and that you are too :) I loved seeing your Monarch photos. I wonder if I will get them over here again this would be a real treat!

  24. Dear Pam - You've captured so much loveliness in your garden before the metamorphosis of the quiet season. Pity that your stay here is taken up with worries and cares - must be hard to witness the changes in your mother.

  25. Dear Pam, your garden is still looking so lovely so late in the year! Sorry to hear you had to fly back so quickly, but I hope at least it's a sign that your Mum is making good progress. My blog has been very quiet lately too, so you haven't missed anything on that front at least (must be a weight off your mind!) - but work has calmed down a bit, so I hope to be back blogging more in the next few days. Hope to see you back here soon, I always enjoy your updates!
    Di x