Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My 'Bloomers' on June Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Don't you just love this sign? H.H. found it in a thrift store, yesterday -- he loves thrift stores and flea markets, and always manages to find a bargain.

Today, Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day, I head out into the garden very early - at 6 a.m. actually - to photograph my June bloomers. At first glance, blooms are a little scarce. We are at that quiet stage between spring and summer, when the fabulous flowers of spring have gone and the beautiful bounty of summer blooms has yet to begin.

A lull in blooming between spring and summer.
The sun is very bright, making photography tricky for me. But I find enough blossoms to make my walk worthwhile and do my best with the camera. June is for roses ...

Climbing rose Rosa 'Improved Blaze"

Two Knockout roses, one yellow, one pink ...

The roses I installed last year sustained some damage from the abundant rain we continue to experience. Last week was wet and cold, and my poor David Austin rose suffered...

The rose bed installed last year.

Lupines add color to the largely-white rose bed.
Comparing Bloom Day last year with today, many of my flowers are late, including the clematis ...
Clematis Jackmanii

Clematis spp.
Lamb's ear begins to bloom ...

While I am not fond of the scruffy-looking spikes on lambs' ears, they are adored by the bees, so I am reluctant to cut them back ...

One of my many sedums is blooming by the pond ...

... and in the pond, the first water hyacinth blooms.

Clockwise from top left: spiderwort, white lavender (middle), lady's mantle, fleabane, and yarrow.
This early in the morning, my miniature horse, Dude, is still snoozing. Behind his pasture I see the catalpa tree is blooming.

Catalpa tree blossoms
Spirea 'Golden Mound"
Last year the foxgloves were prolific in the Woodland Walk. I was hoping these biennials would reseed. I am sorry to say I was able to find only two this morning.

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea 'Candy Mountain'
A white foxglove in the Woodland Walk
I love Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day and bless Carol of May Dreams Gardens for hosting this monthly event. It is a great way to record my garden happenings regularly, and to see how each year is so very different. Most important, it is an opportunity to look at what is blooming in gardens all around the world. I'm going to Carol's blog right now - please join me!

Wishing you a very happy GBBD!
Pamela x
Lantana and calibrachoa greet visitors to my door.

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  1. What a beautiful garden. I love the foxglove blooms. I think next year I may just have to grow some.

  2. I like calibrachoa as vigorous and flowing! Your roses are lovely...I can smell them from your photos. Happy GBBD!

  3. What gorgeous Roses! All beautiful.
    Happy GBBD!

  4. Hi Pam,

    Lovely blooms, you have plenty going on in your garden!

  5. I believe your garderns are beautiful in lull or not. I am so envious of that Lupine!

  6. Your woodland walk looks so cool and refreshing! Lovely. Glad you included the pic of Dude - adorable! You have some beautiful blooms. Got a good laugh at the sign, too.

  7. I'm looking for my bloomers.

  8. Pam your garden is gorgeous and I love many special blooms just beginning...I was thinking the same thing that there will be so much more soon as the summer blooms burst through...

  9. Love your garden. Lupins and roses are among my fave flowers.

  10. I love your woodland walk - how wonderful to have a woodland walk, a pond, and so many beautiful blooms.

  11. So pretty, Pam and so much to look at. HH found a great sign, lucky you he likes to shop the thrift stores. OMG, I love little Dude. I only had big horses, but he is so darn cute.

  12. Lovely blooms, Pam, and sorry about the un-rosy weather. I really enjoyed your critter walk post too, those frogs are amazing!

  13. The color of your featured David Austin rose is really pretty! Sorry about the wet weather, we've had exactly the same!

  14. Hi Pam... your garden looks wonderful this year... I've enjoyed my visit immensely! We are quite late in our gardens as well although it sometimes seems like we're playing catch-up with intervals of very hot weather... Larry

  15. Pam, what an exquisite early morning garden walk! I have never had any luck with foxglove, but the flowers are so pretty. Your little Dude looks so content dozing in the early morning sunshine.

    Your garden is lovely no matter what season.

  16. Beautiful post...that Lupine is AMAZING!

  17. I agree with Scott. The lupine is amazing! Everything's just look gorgeous, Pam!

    Tell me, is there a special significance to the star on the garage? We saw them everywhere, when we were down in the USA last summer. I assumed they were starts as in the 'star spangled baner' but now I am seeing the odd one up here, north of the border.

    Cheers! And I love the 'old gardeners' sign! LOL.

  18. Pam, It is amazing to me after looking at your photos that we are even in the same state! I guess the Poconos are much colder than suburban Philadelphia, but it makes such a big difference in the garden. Loved all your beautiful flowers. Happy GBBD. Carolyn

  19. I love lambsear, and its great vertical stalks, until they fall over, which I guess they WILL do. The water hyacinth colors are glorious. I enjoyed the morning walk!

  20. Lol! I love the poem... It made me chuckle right away.

    Happy belated garden blooms day. I love the "Blaze roses and the water hyacinth that looks like a small Iris.

    My Irises ( Flags) are not in bloom yet and I'm wondering if they even will this year..the unusual weather has caused plants everywhere to bloom late or not a all..

    Anyway..I like the look of your garden property..I think it would still appear lovely even if nothing was in bloom.

  21. Pam, thank you for such a lovely garden walk. Your improved Blaze rose is so beautiful. Your Lupines and Clematis are also putting on a dramatic show. Would love to grow Foxglove here. The heat is too much for them in my garden. Very little shade....

  22. I love the sign that H.H. found in the thrift store, very apt. Your garden is looking wonderful, I especially like the foxgloves. I've got a couple in my garden which have self seeded, the bees love them. Dude is so cute.

  23. I wouldn't call it a lull in blooms :). I love the lupines, so lush and happy (they hate it here...). You have so much beauty in your garden, I can't wait to see what it looks like at the peak of summer bloom.

  24. oops I forgot garden bloggers blooms day again this month. I need a reminder..Your gardens look wonderful. I too think we are behind last year with the garden. Everything at your house looks lovely and healthy. Glad you are enjoying your garden.

  25. That is a great sign. I would proudly display that!
    Love all your flowers and blooms esp, the foxgloves!
    Thanks for commenting.

  26. I have that same lull going on, not quite as many blooms as I'd like. But yours are gorgeous anyway! Is your yellow Knockout super fragrant like mine? I love that in a rose. Blaze looks lovely on that white trellis with your pretty white house behind it. How is your health holding out?

  27. I always enjoy my walk through your gardens, Pam. Simply lovely.