Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Flowers, August Temperatures

 "April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go." 
John Mistletoe.

The title of this post, April Flowers, August Temperatures, is a  headline on the front page of today's  Pocono Record. The temperature hit 90 degrees and it was too hot to work in the garden in the middle of the day. Although not a record, believe me, this is NOT normal April weather for these parts.

The past few weeks, I spent a couple of hours gardening each nice-weather day and I am pleased with the progress made. I have cleaned up each flower bed, cut back ornamental grasses and perennials, and I am keeping ahead of the weeds. I pruned the roses. I gave my numerous vines a lot of attention: tidying climbing rose, clematis, and honeysuckle vines where needed. I removed dead wood and suckers from trees and shrubs. There are still loads to do, but it IS only the beginning of April, even if it feels like summer.

The morning walks around my gardens reveal new surprises every day ...

I love the delicate blossoms of the andromeda. The deer find this shrub unappealing - a plus.

My friend, Karen, gave me many lungworts. I love the way they have flowers of several colors on one plant.

I planted lungwort in all corners of my garden. Here you can see it in one of the foundation beds. The daffodils are making a good show against the picket fence ...

Another beautiful hellebore was in bloom today -- a lady in her pink Easter bonnet ...

Of course, the forsythia is wearing her best yellow dress. This shrub is very old and doesn't get full sun (it's behind the stockade fence), but it still performs quite well.

The grape hyacinths are just making an appearance ...

In the vegetable garden, the rhubarb and the chives are most prominent.

Can you see the tufts of green among the dried leaves? The bluebells are coming up in the woodland garden. Hurrah!

Enjoy the springtime, dear gardening friends! It is my favorite season. What is yours?

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  1. My favourite time of year is also Spring, because most of my favourite flowers are Spring Blooming and I don't think anyone can fail to recognise how beautiful blossom is!

  2. A white picket fence, how typically English. It looks lovely with the daffodils planted up against it. My bluebells are also poking through the soil, I'm looking forward to them flowering. I love the colour of the hellebore.

  3. Hello Pam, thanks for sharing lots of lovely pictures of your spring garden emerging! I am not familiar with the andromeda, but it's little bell shaped flowers are enchanting in your photo.

    I'm undecided now if I prefer spring or autumn. So much bursts into life in spring, but I'm enjoying the cooler weather of our autumn for getting lots done in the garden!

  4. Oh wow! How I love to see spring and the beautiful flowers in your English garden.

  5. Pam, your garden looks good already and I like your redesign. Can't wait to see your English garden in full bloom. Happy spring!

  6. The daffodils and forsythia are putting on quite a show. It has been unseasonably warm in Alabama also. Luckily, we are back to more seasonable temps this weekend. Great pictures.

  7. Spring wins hands down as my favorite season, too. There's nothing as wonderful as the daily walk through the garden to discover what else has appeared. Your garden looks beautiful! Barbara

  8. Temps have been crazy !
    Think they're getting back to normal. Love seeing spring blooms and you're doing a redesign...woo hoo.
    Love,love the new blog...easy to navigate.

  9. Spring wins, hands down.

    Your garden is so charming with that picket fence! I love seeing what's blooming for you now.
    Your rhubarb, and everything else, looks so healthy! Hope it cools down a BIT for you. Enjoy!

  10. This spring is my favourite, Pam, but usually spring here is slow, cranky, cold, and windy. This year, we're about 3 weeks ahead of schedule and things are galloping into growth and bloom, sending this gardening into a wee bit of a panic. But it all gets done, eventually. Or so I tell myself!

  11. Well, so far Spring wins hands-down as the favorite season, with autumn as a hot contender. Love your wonderful comments, dear gardening friends!

  12. Spring is here in Pennsylvania! Hurrah. I, for one, am happy that we're back to normalish temperatures - it was too hot!

  13. Hello Pam,

    Isn't it interesting that you had a 90 degree day before we did in the Arizona desert? The weather can certainly be crazy it seems. It looks like your garden didn't suffer from the unusual heat. I love your grape hyacinths especially, although all your flowers are lovely :-)

  14. For now, spring is my favorite! But ask me again in summer, then fall! However, I guarantee you that winter will never be my favorite. NEVER! This spring has been in fast forward mode, with everything coming up so quickly. Love it.

  15. Hi Pam, Spring is truly my favorite season, as well, and I just wish it would last longer! We had those crazy July/August temps, as well...and then it got quite chilly! Now it's been nice for several days and I've done some more work in the garden. I bet your bluebells are up and blooming by now?! Enjoy the rest of your spring and I hope it will stay pleasant for us both!

  16. Kelly - I guess the weather has been crazy everywhere this year, but spring has definitely appeared in PA ... hurray!

    Noelle - we had a hot spell in the spring of 09, then experienced the coolest, wettest summer ever. Hope it's different this year.

    Robin - I heartily agree with you about winter!

    Jan - The bluebells look healthy but aren't in bloom yet. They are the English variety, and I haven't had much success with them so far. Hopefully, this year they will really perform for me.

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. Gardeners are THE BEST.

  17. HI: LIZA AND JOHN’S GARDEN enjoyed our visit to your blog.
    It's always a pleasure to meet another Gardener.
    Have a Great Day,

  18. I would like to say spring is my favorite season, but I think I find so much in all of them except winter. Although winter is for dreaming. Your lungworts are fabulous. I don't have any. Hmmm. . . .~~Dee

  19. John - delighted to see a new face. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Hope you will stop by often.

    Dee - You are right: my cottage garden peaks in the summer; the fall colors are breathtaking: and winter by the fire, perusing the seed catalogs, is heavenly. But spring, ah, spring ...

    Thanks again for your comments. Pam

  20. Name that swale! Naming is the fun bit. And do let me know when your story is out. Diana

  21. My Pulmonaria is still under snow and I'm really missing them. Most of the yard is still snowy or too wet but I did get to cut back some ornamental grasses today. Two large specimens filled up the wheelbarrow. The pruners were a bit sticky, I guess I need to service the tools so cleanup goes more smoothly. Or at least quicker.

    Christine in Alaska

  22. Diana - I planted bluebells on the bank of the swale, so Bluebell Creek sounds appropriate, don't you think? I'll do a post when the bluebells are in bloom.

    Christine - I wont complain any more about our late spring! And I hear you about the pruners! Thanks for visiting.

  23. Those little white flowers are pretty. My favorite here has to be the hellebore, though. I am smitten by them, and yours is a beauty!

    Spring is my favorite season, but summer is a close second. I have summers off and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible.

  24. I also use lungwort all over my garden, I find it's great groundcover and grows well here. I love your hellebores too.

  25. Nice Post......
    The flowers are looking very cute. Thanks for sharing nice pics....