Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Snowy English Gnome

Before I left for England to visit my mother, several gardening friends reminded me to take my camera to show what is growing in her garden this month. Previous February visits have revealed, at the very least, crocuses, snowdrops, and the green shoots of daffodils. No such luck this year.

I was fortunate to arrive between snow storms, on a wet but green day. My ninety-year-old mother excitedly showed me the handy-dandy, light-weight cart my cousin, Tony, gave her. Light-weight is a crucial at her age. The joy of getting a new garden “toy” can only be understood by an avid gardener!

Before my jet-lag had subsided, the snow came again ...
The garden gnomes, standing in a circle under Mum’s bird feeder, did not seem to mind - their smiling facial expressions did not change one bit.

My mother’s garden was sleeping.

I was thrilled when my friend, Carole, suggested we visit a couple of garden centers for a more spring-like experience. I love English garden centers. They have wonderful plants, and as if that wasn’t enough, extensive gift shops where you can buy EVERYTHING the avid gardener loves. They also have tea/coffee rooms with all my favorite English goodies, such as scones with clotted cream. And the plants do not disappoint ...

Heathers, hellebores, primroses, and orchids to feast the eye upon :

Returning to my friend’s house, I admired the beautiful blooms in her bathroom.  I can not identify the plant and she has no idea what it is. So dear friends, please come to our aid, and tell me what this is called ...

I left England in yet another snowstorm. In fact, Birmingham airport was closed when I eventually got there, and my plane was subsequently very delayed. I decided my next trip to the land of my birth will be in August!

I am currently in Arlington, Virginia, with HH, taking care of our grandchildren while my son and his wife are in Arizona. It is extremely cold and windy, but we are avoiding another blizzard in the Northeast. I will be back in PA in time for the Philadelphia Flower Show (and better weather, I hope.) Maybe I’ll see some of you there!

I love reading your comments. I hope you leave one so I’ll know you visited!


  1. Pam,

    I *love* the new look of your blog. And your Mom looks so happy!

    Mary Anne

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog Pam. A real treat!!

  3. Five years after the fact, I want to tell you I think that mystery plant is a Clivia, but you've probably discovered that by now!