Sunday, June 30, 2019

This Month in the Garden: June 2019

In my garden June isn't for roses, it's for clematis. The roses are not doing well this year -- after the brutal winter weather and then the excessive rain -- but my clematis are magnificent.

Some of my clematis today
Climbing rose (Rosa 'Improved Blaze')

A few roses appeared briefly at the beginning of the month. 'Improved Blaze' is long gone. The Peace rose was affected by the rain and will not be around much longer -- especially as the first Japanese beetles of the year were spotted in the neighborhood yesterday.

Rose (Rosa 'Peace')
In my mind this month is divided into two parts: the time before the Master Gardeners International Conference and the days after. The conference, held at Valley Forge, was wonderful: great speakers, nice venue, good food, and outstanding gardens. Being close to Philadelphia, we visited Chaticleer (my favorite garden of all), Winterthur, Mt. Cuba, and others. It was fabulous to tour beautiful gardens that I don't have to maintain! I will be posting about them in the near future.

It's hard to be away from the garden in June, but I was happy with the work I'd done before I left: I had finished much of the planting and completed most of the mulching. Unfortunately, while I was away torrential rainfalls caused quite a bit of damage, especially to my hanging baskets and window boxes. Petunias do NOT like heavy rain. Also, deer nibbled at several plants although I sprayed a deterrent before I left.

The day I left for the conference it was raining; the rain continued all week. Duane was happy he didn't need to water for me.

I am so glad I installed a rain garden. It works!!!

The rain garden has three basins of different depths where the water collects
The first rain garden plantings were plants I relocated from other areas of my garden. Joe Pye dominates the space.
I filled the rain garden with native plants that tolerate both wet and dry conditions

The rain garden plants are beginning to fill out. (I wrote an article about native plants for the newspaper; you can read it HERE.) I am so very proud of my rain garden.

More 'before and after the conference' pictures ...

Some favorite plant blooming before I left: climbing hydrangea, peonies, and bearded iris.
Blooming today, clockwise from top left, rose (Rosa 'Peace'), coneflower (Echinacea Purpurea Confections™ 'Milkshake'), swamp milkweed (Asclepias incarnata), daylily (Hermerocallis sp.), beebalm (Monarda didyma 'Jacob Cline').
'The Bather' immersed in the foamy blooms of Spirea 'Gold Mound'
Froggy Pond is looking fine early this morning with the frogs lined up at the end.

The Kitchen Garden is coming along ....

Before I left for the conference
The Kitchen Garden upon my return

The problem with writing only one blog posting a month is the shear volume of photographs and information I have to share. I've tried to condense by making collages. If you have stayed with me this long, dear gardening friends, I promise to start posting more often in the near future. But when its not raining and I have to choose between gardening and blogging ...      This post is prompted by Sarah's meme 'Through the Garden Gate.' Do visit her blog at Down by the Sea to enjoy what is happening in her beautiful English garden.

Can you believe that half of 2019 has passed already! Wishing you a happy and healthy July, with no adverse weather!

 Pamela x

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