Wednesday, February 20, 2013

From Mountain Snow to English Countryside.

Mary Anne's Garden

 It snowed the night before I left Pennsylvania on Saturday and through my windows I saw a winter wonderland. In my haste to get to the airport I didn't have time to take photographs, so my dear friend, Mary Anne, sent me this beautiful picture of her garden. Arriving in England, it was sunny and warmer (although four days later the temperature has dropped considerably.) While enjoying a wonderful visit with my dear mother, I am also enjoying the green English countryside, in spite of the cold.

This morning I explored the countryside near her flat. There are two lakes practically in her backyard and I walked around them.

It was very peaceful. I saw several ducks ...

... one fisherman (no picture)...

... and several people walking dogs.

I walked down a lane called Wulfrun Way, named for the Saxon king, Wulfrun, who ruled Mercia (this area) before England was called England. I know about him because I belonged to Wulfrun House in school, and consequently this place brought back memories of my schooldays.

I am a gardener, so of course I was particularly interested in the trees and plants on my walk. There were some very interesting trees.

And, joy of joy, several clumps of daffodils with the promise of spring.

I passed near the little stream you can see from my mother's window ...

... and with a final farewell to the lake, I hurried indoors for hot chocolate to combat the cold.

 Before I close, I must thank Mary Anne for the beautiful picture of snow-covered trees. I also want to thank her for her new blog which I am finding most useful and interesting. The blog, called Leafport, is for garden apps and I believe there is nothing else like it out there. She launched it last week and I encourage you to check it out. Click here to do so.

When I left PA the seeds I ordered from Burpee had arrived. I haven't yet finalized my plans for my 2013 vegetable garden, so I brought my notes with me, and my next posting will be about my decisions.

Think spring.

Pamela x

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